Q & A with Coach Lora Erickson: Interval Training & Steady State

Coach Lora Erickson was recently interviewed by a local magazine and here is what she had to say about Interval and Steady State running workouts.

Q.  Do you recommend that everyone do at least some interval training?  How has interval training & Steady State workouts helped you, if at all?

A.  Yes, I utilize intervals in my training and my athletes training regularly and suggest it to others.  When done properly it can improve performance and help you get faster; however I find many people don’t really understand how to do intervals properly to get the maximum benefit.  Intervals are more intense efforts done at a very defined pace for specific amounts of time with the proper amount of rest time (down to the second).  The amount of time the interval lasts and the amount of rest that is taken depends on what the individual is training for and should be carefully integrated in a good training plan by an experienced coach.  Intervals not done properly can result in injury.

I also like to utilize “Steady State” or “tempo” runs in my training regularly to help me feel pacing; this becomes really important for longer endurance events like half or full marathons or Olympic and half or full Ironman distance events.  Teaching the body how to feel pacing can often determine the outcome of an event and prevents “bonking” or “hitting the wall”.  Nutrition also becomes increasing important the farther the distance is. It’s important to integrate both interval, and steady state workouts into training.  They both have a different purpose and can improve performance.   I will be reviewing how to do both of these types of speed work in my next running class offered in May.  Individuals interested in taking the class should email me at lora@BlondeRunner.com.  I will also be offering an Endurance Nutrition Class April 24, 2013.  To learn more visit www.BlondeRunner.com

If you’d like to learn more about running form a Running Form Class will be offered March 27 at 5:30 p.m.  If you’d like to attend contact Coach Lora at lora@blonderunner.com

About the Coach:

Lora Erickson is a USATF certified running coach and has been coaching for over 17 years.  She is also and nationally ranked triathlete and an All-Conference collegiate runner.  Coach Lora ran on athletic scholarship for both the University of Utah and Utah State University where she graduated with a degree in Health Education with duel minors in Chemistry and Nutrition. Coach Lora aka Blonde Runnerteaches various community classes on running, triathlon, nutrition and weight loss.  Learn more about Coach Lora aka Blonde Runner

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