Ogden Marathon Discount Code

Ogden Marathon – May 19, 2018 The Ogden Marathon is the biggest single outdoor... 

Utah Race Discount Codes

I just love local races and do my best to secure discount codes for my website visitors... 

Coach Lora Erickson on Fox13 The Place Promoting the Salt Lake Marathon Video Clip

Recently I had the opportunity to promote the Salt Lake Marathon on Fox13 The Place.... 

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Product Review: Goodr Running Sunglasses

Being a high school and college distance runner and now Ironman athlete I have run... 

Training Training Quick Tips: Brick Workouts

Click to view Coach Lora’s latest article in Cycling Utah Triathlon Training... 

6 Destination Races

6 Destination Races By Coach Lora Erickson, BlondeRunner.com Racing and traveling... 

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Health Classes

Win Tickets to the My Gluten Free World Expo

Check out this great Instagram Giveaway!  Enter to win! Coach Lora Erickson BlondeRunner.com    Read More →

Funny Video Clip: Bird Jamming to Guy Playing Guitar and Singing

This is such a cute clip, I had to share.  Laughter is the best medicine! Live Happy, Coach Lora Erickson BlondeRunner.com    Read More →

Follow Coach Lora Erickson on Instagram

Recently I decided to create more purpose to each of my Instagram accounts so I wanted to define that here just in case you wanted to follow along. My athlete account, where I share my fitness journey including race news, exercise tips etc… is here: theblonderunner My coaching/personal account where I share nutrition, recipes and health tips... [Read more here...]

Learn how I dropped a size in 5 weeks, Weight Loss Class offered

Coach Lora EricksonIronman All-World AthleteCertified Triathlon & Running CoachBlondeRunner.com Weight Loss Class offered Recently I lost 4 pounds, dropped 2% body fat, gained 3 pounds of muscle and dropped a size in 5 weeks. Want to learn how I did it? Sign-up for my Weight Loss Class or set-up a private small group classes for your friends. Message... [Read more here...]

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