Michelle B.

“I’ve always thought triathlons were outside of my “athletic range.” I worked hard to prepare for this tri so it felt awesome to complete my goal. I just have one piece of advice—don’t think you can’t do it! If I can do it, anyone can! If you’re willing to train, you can accomplish your goal. It was my New Years Resolution to compete in a triathlon. This summer I did two and now I’m training for the third. They are so fun—I’m hooked! Thanks for your help, Lora!!!”

Vicki R.

“The class was awesome.The instructor is motivation and very energetic.Portion control and paying attention to what I eat have helped more than anything.I make it a point not to eat when I am bored.I don’t have to kill myself with exercise.”

Evelyn D.

“I have really enjoyed the class. I’ve learned a lot.”

Sara O.

“Lora! Thank you for the info last night! It was very helpful and informative. You’re my new found inspiration for Triathlon training. THANKS!”

Diana K.

“The class was worthwhile and enjoyable. Great attitude.”

Karen M.

“Lora, having met you and working with you has truly changed my health for the better. My husband and I have pretty much always been healthy people: we eat organic, exercise and try, “try” to find some quiet time to help with the balance of things. Since meeting you, I am more aware of what I put in my mouth. I now write everything down and exercise is a priority, despite how crazy my day gets! I feel better and have learned sooooooo much from you with exercise, healthy eating and just over-all health! You are such an inspiration and I just wish more people knew about you….oh, the lives that you could touch and help change! :)”

Kellie B.

“This was so much fun!! I am so glad that I had the chance to train with someone who really knows what they are doing. It felt awesome to finish and know that I did well. Your strengths certainly even out your weaknesses in a triathalon. That is what is so fun. I didn’t do so well in the swim, but overall I did well because of the bike and run. I am so glad that I was able to do it. I am looking forward to next season. Thanks for all of your help Lora, you are great!!”

Christy J.

“I was so happy that I felt really prepared, both physically and in terms of all the stuff I had to bring/do to make the race go smoothly. I knew I could finish the race, it was just a question of how hard I could push myself. I also had all the gear and was organized enough to have smooth transitions and feel confident before and during the race. This is all thanks to a fabulous coach who really helped us with all the small but important details. Thanks Lora! You are such a great coach!”

Amy R.

“I joined the team because I knew I needed better direction in my training and I wanted to have my most competitive year yet. Little did I know that after joining the team we would end up adopting our two girls 6 months earlier than planned. This threw a real wrench in my triathlon plans. I thought with my life so crazy I might not get much out of the team training but I was really wrong. Not only did I get faster at all of my events, which shocked me since I haven’t even been able to give it 100% this summer, I also learned so much. I have learned more in the last 6 months about competing and being in shape than I ever did by reading all of my fitness and exercise books. You really helped bring it all together for me. Lastly, you have been a great friend and emotional support. I have appreciated the emails and phone calls and the interest you have shown in my personal life. When I was going through hard times as a new mom to two Ukranian orphans I knew I could come to our workouts and you would make me laugh and help me see the positive side of everything. You have been such an inspiration. It also, has been an amazing experience working with like minded women towards a common goal. I am going to take so much away with me this season – more knowledge, better skills and new friendships. Your program is awesome and you are changing lives! I have loved every minute of it! I am different because of you. I appreciate all you have done for me!”