Book Review: Believe Training Journal by Lauren Fleshman & Roisin McGettigan-Dumas

I absolutely love this new Believe Training Journal published by Velopress.  It is more than just a journal; it’s also a how-to manual and workbook.

It was written by two running pros (Lauren Fleshman – co-owner of Pickybars) and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas a 1500 bronze medalist from Ireland.  The journal is just the perfect size, with a durable leather-like cover.  It is truly a treasurable work space for my training mind.

I love the tips and information dotted throughout the pages and clear sections to organize my goals and training session focus.  While I use an on-line app to graph my training details I am a bit old school when it comes to goals and what my mind is focusing on with my training.  As indicated in the book, science says that writing things down “helps us develop motor memory and spurs motivation.” I believe this is true! I like to jot things down and make notes with pen and paper.  This book will guide you through were your focus should be to make your “wheel” balanced (you have to read about this to create balance for yourself”. I am excited to use it this for the upcoming year. I love all the inspiring quotes too! If you are looking for the perfect gift for you or the significant runner or triathlete in your life, pick up a copy here:

(They have many colors to choose from)

Here is the list of contents so you can see what a great book this is!


Goal Setting: Dream big and define your goals for the coming year

Approach: Know yourself and your blind spots before you get started

Physical Training & Workouts:  Be intentional with your method, work in plenty of variety and have fun

Mental Training: Understand how your mind affects performance and work it to your advantage

Nutrition: Establish good eating habits and boost performance

Body Image:  Learn how to love what you’ve got

Racing: Address performance anxiety and have a plan for race day

Setbacks:  Let go of perfection and enjoy the journey

Resolve:  Cultivate character and commitment in your approach

Recovery:  Balance the stress that comes from training and life with plenty of recovery

Community:  Seek out other runners both for what you can get and what you can give

Self-Assessment: Reflect on the past year, the good and the bad, and let it make you stronger

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Coach Lora Erickson is an Ironman All-World athlete and certified running and triathlon coach recently competing in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Africa in 2018. Lora was born and raised in Colorado and was to run for the University and Utah & Utah State University where she obtained a degree in Community Health Education with duel minors in Chemistry and Nutrition. Coach Lora has a true passion for health promotion and loves to share her experiences. Learn more: About Coach Lora Erickson