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We have some really amazing and incredible people on the Team Blonde Runner (TBR) team this year.  Many of them have been a real inspiration to me and others.  These are only a handful of the results we are seeing.  These are real people achieving real results!  Triathlons rock!

Coach Lora Erickson

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Before & After Team Blonde Runner ~ Scott, joined TBR 2012

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“Here is my transformation pic. On the left is me shortly after I had my daughter, 180 lbs. On the right is me at last year’s icebreaker tri (March 2012), 127 lbs.”  ~ Rachel – TBR team member since 2011


Chris left Salem Spring Tri 2009 right Spudman Tri 2013





(cycling photo credit: Lucid Images)


“When I did my first race, in 2008; it was an open water swim sprint distance triathlon. I averaged about 9:00/mi on the run and I did a 750 m swim in a little over 25:00. Three years later, I joined TBR and started being coached by Coach Lora. I got faster. I did Bear Lake Brawl Half in 2010. I finished in 6:11:31 The next year, I did the exact same race (after a few months of coaching) and finished in 5:21:00.
Compare my first race to a sprint I did last year (2012) the 750 m swim took a little over 15:00, and I averaged 6:50/mi in the run). Coaching helps.”  ~ Chris, TBR team members since 2011


“Running and triathlons have changed my life in no way I could ever imagine.” ~ Logan, joined the TBR team in 2012


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I weighed around 280 pounds at this point and was tired of the way I looked. I got into running pretty heavily and would only run a mile or two at a time and I hated it but I was seeing results. I lost 50 pounds pretty quickly.  Someone at worked was talking about running and half marathons. I figured I would give it a go. So then on my first 5 mile training run I completely fell in love with running. I kept at it and then weight continued to just fall off. Clothes quit fitting and that was nice. During peak racing times I shoot for around 165-170. Last year (2012) I got down to 170 and was super light and what I call fast.

While being a big dude I always had a spot in my heart for an Ironman. Thinking I never would be able to do one as I was in no condition and didn’t think I would ever be able to do one. I would watch Kona every year as it was on NBC and looked forward to it. So I signed up for the Utah Half last year and talked to a TBR team member, Rachel (above) on twitter. She told me about the team and how I should do more than just jump right into a 70.3 without ever doing one.  So I joined the team and fell in love with tri’s.  Running and triathlons have changed my life in no way I could ever imagine. I still look in the mirror and see that big guy from time to time but I know he isn’t there. Since I lost all of my weight away from home, I sometimes run into people that do not recognize me at all. That still feels good. I know I will never go back to the way I was. I can never not see myself running or doing triathlons now.”  ~ Logan, joined the TBR team in 2012


Numbers don’t lie!

One of my athletes reported a decrease in his body fat

percent from 16% to 9% after being a

part of the TBR program.

I am thrilled for his progress.

Great results!  ~ Chad, joined TBR 2012

~ Coach Lora Erickson


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