Real Team Members, Real Results!

We have some really amazing and incredible people on the Team Blonde Runner (TBR) team this year.  Many of them have been a real inspiration to me and others.  These are only a handful of the results we are seeing.  These are real people achieving real results!  Triathlons rock!

Coach Lora Erickson

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Before & After Team Blonde Runner ~ Scott, joined TBR 2012

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“Here is my transformation pic. On the left is me shortly after I had my daughter, 180 lbs. On the right is me at last year’s icebreaker tri (March 2012), 127 lbs.”  ~ Rachel – TBR team member since 2011


Chris left Salem Spring Tri 2009 right Spudman Tri 2013





(cycling photo credit: Lucid Images)


“When I did my first race, in 2008; it was an open water swim sprint distance triathlon. I averaged about 9:00/mi on the run and I did a 750 m swim in a little over 25:00. Three years later, I joined TBR and started being coached by Coach Lora. I got faster. I did Bear Lake Brawl Half in 2010. I finished in 6:11:31 The next year, I did the exact same race (after a few months of coaching) and finished in 5:21:00.
Compare my first race to a sprint I did last year (2012) the 750 m swim took a little over 15:00, and I averaged 6:50/mi in the run). Coaching helps.”  ~ Chris, TBR team members since 2011


“Running and triathlons have changed my life in no way I could ever imagine.” ~ Logan, joined the TBR team in 2012


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I weighed around 280 pounds at this point and was tired of the way I looked. I got into running pretty heavily and would only run a mile or two at a time and I hated it but I was seeing results. I lost 50 pounds pretty quickly.  Someone at worked was talking about running and half marathons. I figured I would give it a go. So then on my first 5 mile training run I completely fell in love with running. I kept at it and then weight continued to just fall off. Clothes quit fitting and that was nice. During peak racing times I shoot for around 165-170. Last year (2012) I got down to 170 and was super light and what I call fast.

While being a big dude I always had a spot in my heart for an Ironman. Thinking I never would be able to do one as I was in no condition and didn’t think I would ever be able to do one. I would watch Kona every year as it was on NBC and looked forward to it. So I signed up for the Utah Half last year and talked to a TBR team member, Rachel (above) on twitter. She told me about the team and how I should do more than just jump right into a 70.3 without ever doing one.  So I joined the team and fell in love with tri’s.  Running and triathlons have changed my life in no way I could ever imagine. I still look in the mirror and see that big guy from time to time but I know he isn’t there. Since I lost all of my weight away from home, I sometimes run into people that do not recognize me at all. That still feels good. I know I will never go back to the way I was. I can never not see myself running or doing triathlons now.”  ~ Logan, joined the TBR team in 2012


Numbers don’t lie!

One of my athletes reported a decrease in his body fat

percent from 16% to 9% after being a

part of the TBR program.

I am thrilled for his progress.

Great results!  ~ Chad, joined TBR 2012

~ Coach Lora Erickson


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Coach Lora Erickson is an Ironman All-World athlete and certified running and triathlon coach recently competing in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Africa in 2018. Lora was born and raised in Colorado and was to run for the University and Utah & Utah State University where she obtained a degree in Community Health Education with duel minors in Chemistry and Nutrition. Coach Lora has a true passion for health promotion and loves to share her experiences. Learn more: About Coach Lora Erickson