Need an “Aha!” Swim Moment?

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“Swimming has always been the weakest part of my triathlons, so I jumped at the chance to join Coach Lora’s swim clinic. She gave me some specific pointers right away, and I immediately felt a difference. She took video footage of me from multiple angles, and when we got together the next week to review, I was able to really understand what she was talking about. There are so many technical aspects involved in swimming, but Coach has been incredibly patient with me (helping me be patient with myself!), and helped me to focus on one at a time until I can start combining them. I especially appreciate how well she explains ideas and techniques–trying many different directions until I finally figured out which one clicked for me. That “Aha!” moment was worth every penny spent and every minute in the water.” ~ Melanie M., TBR Triathlon team member 2013


Learn more about Coach Lora Erickson’s Classes:

Underwater Swim Video Analysis

Semi-private Triathlon Specific Swimming Instruction

Small Group Lecture Style Technique Class

If you’d like to get in on the next one contact Coach Lora directly at

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