Blonde Runner Recipe: Onion-Mustard Seed Sauce


Blonde Runner Onion- Mustard Seed Sauce

Last night I made a pretty yummy sauce that I wanted to share with you. I thought I better get it recorded before I forget how I made it. I am an experimental home chef so I like to make up stuff as I go and it turns out that sometimes it turns out pretty “nummy.” I have to apologize – I don’t really measure things when I cook so everything is to-taste but here are the basics of what I did to create this yummy sauce.

Heat up a little canola oil in a medium-sized sauté pan. Then add 2-3 medium sized yellow or white thinly sliced onions (I used a mandoline for this). Add a little dark brown sugar, and 4 or 5 minced cloves of garlic and sauté down the onions until they are clear. Then I added whole dry mustard seeds (I’d guess about 2-3 table spoons), a squeeze of fresh lemon juice (throwing in a little zest too if you’d like), prepared horseradish mustard (probably a quarter cup or so), a touch of butter for flavor, and then add about ½ to ¾ cup of milk and stir it well (you could use cream here but I like to make my sauces a little lighter). Then I seasoned the mixture with dry parsley, a bay leaf, and salt & pepper to taste. After tasting it I felt like it needed a little acidity so I gave it a splash on distilled white vinegar (a huge staple in the Erickson household – my kids could drink the stuff straight – they love it. It’s crazy. LOL). Then I added a little flour to thicken it up and make it the consistency I wanted. I served the sauce over meat but it could easily be spooned over whole grain pasta and be pretty tasty. The seeds give it a little crunch. It’s so yummy. You will need to double the recipe if you wanted to use it for a pasta sauce. Enjoy.

Stay Healthy and Keep Cookin’,

Coach Lora Erickson

“Blonde Runner”

Note: As you let the sauce simmer (30-45 minutes) on low heat the flavors get better and better. If I were making this sauce just for me I might have added in some fresh ground horseradish since I like my food spicy, but I didn’t since it was a family meal. (My husband tells me I have an “iron gut.” LOL).

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Coach Lora Erickson is an Ironman All-World athlete and certified running and triathlon coach recently competing in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Africa in 2018. Lora was born and raised in Colorado and was to run for the University and Utah & Utah State University where she obtained a degree in Community Health Education with duel minors in Chemistry and Nutrition. Coach Lora has a true passion for health promotion and loves to share her experiences. Learn more: About Coach Lora Erickson