Angela M.

“I have enjoyed working with you on my triathlon goals and races. I am highly satisfied with your coaching, I appreciate your efforts in my training and I want to continue to succeed with your help. Last year, you helped me break ALL of my PRs in running and this year (so far) you have helped me SET 3 new PRs (Full Marathon, Half Century and Duathlon).”

Vanessa C.

“Lora – I LOVED it (the Running Form Class). I cannot tell you how much better I have felt about getting back into running after your class. I’m only allowed to walk for a while, and a slow jog, but I have implemented the pieces you taught and already feel so much better. I’ve been doing some hip flexor stretches that I’ve looked up on you tube from your suggestions which have loosened up my hips, and I didn’t even know they were tight! Thank you SO SO much for offering this class. It has helped me so much in the short time and I know will make me a better, more confident, runner in the long run.”

Nikki H.

“I think you are simply amazing. Thank you so much for opening your arms to those who are grieving. the love and support means more than the price of gold.”

Bill N.

“I lost 10 pounds training for that race and I notice a big improvement in my overall health.”

“I was at your tri clinic last night and loved it! I was starting to get really nervous about my race wondering “what the heck did I get myself into?!?” I am so so glad I went to the clinic, I feel calm and confident and EXCITED again about the race a week from Saturday!”