Doug S.

“Want to thank you for your help. I learned much from your nutrition and running form class over the last month. Without the proper training I came within six minutes of my goal time and was back running within a couple of days. Thank you for the tips and willing to share your knowledge with those of us just starting this running adventure.”

K. F.

“I have always wanted to let you know that you were one of those instrumental people in my life. I STILL remember the first time I ran with you. I was scared to death because you were an athlete for USU, and why would you want to run with me? You were so positive, and told me I was doing great, even though I knew my pace was terrible. Your example has taught me to pay it forward to other runners! I am a runner because of you Lora!!”

Byron J.

“Thank you for all of your time and great training. Thanks to you my first ever half marathon was a complete success.”

Angela R.

“Thank you for your insight, I am happy that I came. I appreciate you taking the time to ride the course with us also…”

Emily G.

“Your clinic was absolutely time well spent. You are AMAZING.”

J. H.

“Thank you so much! You are a fantastic coach. I know I have a ton to work on but to be completely honest, I’m so excited right now. My perspective has completely changed from I just have to get through the swim to I think I can do it well. I’m looking forward to this new sport and excited to train. Thanks for making it fun! And understandable! You are great!”

Jill W.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your 5k-10k coaching. It was really neat getting to know you better. Your one awesome woman. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the time you spent coaching me…I look foward to running your race for grief next year!”

Angie N.

“I swam so much better in this race than I did in the Women of Steel tri last year. I owe it all to the tips you taught me in that one hour swim class! Thank you Lora!”

Aaron S.

“Hey Coach. I always love your enthusiasm! My swimming has consistently gotten stronger until I can now do 2.4 in around 1:10. Not awesome yet, but good for an old man. Heading to Coeur d’alene tonight to do the full IM this weekend. Thanks for helping me realize one of my dreams!”

Lori F.

“You are just this little treasure of skill and knowledge wrapped up in a bundle of enthusiasm, Davis county’s little gem.”