35% off the Tracer360 Light Vest

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With the recent snow storm in Utah and seeing some cars slide around on the snow this morning while taking my children to school I started thinking about safety.  The Tracer 360 is hands-down my favorite visibility vest.  It lights up and has many different setting to make you visible.  Simply when you are seen you are safe.  This can be used for running and I have even used it while cycling many times.  Use the discount code BLONDERUN to get 35% off.  Be sure and share it with all the people you care about to keep them safe too!  Makes a great gift too!

Coach Lora Erickson


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Be Safe Out There – Discount Code

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I just love this vest.  It makes exercise feel like a party and keeps you safer because you are more visible.  If you or your kids exercise outside I highly suggest getting one.  Use the code BLONDERUN and save 20%!

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Order a TRACER360 – Noxgear

Product Review: Noxgear Illuminated Vest – Tracer360

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Coach Lora Blonde Runner TRACER 360crop This is by far is the coolest lighted vest for outdoor exercise I’ve used.  It is super light-weight and fully adjustable to large or small sizes (I like my snug so it doesn’t bounce around).  There are lots of different colors and strobe settings and are easily changed with a push of a button.  Other vests make annoying swooshing sounds when your arms go back and forth, but this vest doesn’t do that.  This vest doesn’t flap around, shift or hold your heat it.  There is nothing to cause chaffing.  It’s super high quality and can fold up small.  The strap that goes around you is reflective so it does exactly what the vest was designed to do; and that is to make you visible.  This vest is pretty much flawless and perfect for outdoor exercise.  I would even go as far as to say it makes exercise a party. I could see people sporting these at a fun theme or a Halloween party or one of the awesome local night runs.  Check this one out

Utah Midnight Runs

This is now my go to vest for my early morning runs, twilight night runs or my bike rides when the daylight is low or low visibility rides.  It is so versatile and makes you visible from all angles, thus the name TRACER-360!  I highly recommend this vest!  Now my kids all want one.

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Use the code “BLONDERUN” and save 20%.

If you hurry they have the vest on for free shipping right now.

Order one for yourself or a friend/family member

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