2016 Blonde Runner Race Season Review

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coach lora 2nd place soldier marathonThis has been a busy year with races and travel starting with the 1st place division win at the March Madness Half Marathon followed by a memorable Oceanside 70.3 Ironman event in April (Read the Oceanside Race Report). That was a tough race beginning with a difficult choppy ocean swim leading to salt-water consumption that affected my race causing GI issues during the ride and ultimately lead to a slow run with more bathroom breaks than I care to admit. Needless to say it was a huge disappointment as I had trained hard for this event and was prepared to have a strong performance.  It is hard to start out the triathlon season with a bad race but I was determined to prove to myself how strong my running was so in May I took on the Ogden Half Marathon completing it in a time of 1:34 taking the 1st Overall Masters spot in a major downpour and chilly conditions.  While that eased the blow of the Oceanside bomb it was still a difficult race to “get over.”  I resolved to learn from it and tackle my swim aversion, cycling fears and cope better with past injury; unexpectedly winning a trip to Hawaii to train with Dave Scott and compete in the Honu 70.3 Ironman event really helped.  It made me face an open water salty ocean swim head-on again.  I ended up having a strong swim in Hawaii (the clear warm ocean water was awesome!) and subsequently I placed 9th in my division with a strong bike and run. I was pleased with the performance and will always cherish the memories I made there with Dave Scott and the BioAstin community.  What an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience!  I moved forward with my plans on doing the Boulder 70.3 Ironman the following weekend since I had already signed-up.  I knew it was going to be tough with extra travel and jetlag.  My body would be tired from racing a 70.3 only 7 days before. The back-to-back 70.3 was tougher than I expected leading to severe leg and feet cramping starting on the ride and worsening on the run so it was a victory just to finish.  I was still glad I did it and have a lot more sympathy for those that deal with cramping regularly.  That has never happened to me before. After this event I started building my miles for the Vineman Ironman in July. This was my main focus for the year.  As always Ironman training is time consuming and you put a lot into one race so it was upsetting to be struck by another cyclist during a training century ride just three-weeks before the event in a freak accident.  Up to that point my injured knee was able to handle 18 miles without much pain which was great progress.  Last year while training for the Maryland Ironman I was experiencing pain at mile 11, so I was running stronger this year.  I was also riding and swimming strong in training so the hit to the knee left me not knowing how my knee would hold up in the race.  Unfortunately the hilly cycling course proved too much for my knee and my ride and run was severely compromised foiling my attempts of qualifying for Kona but I didn’t let that bring me down.  It was on my 44th birthday and I was please to finish my 2nd Ironman despite a slow performance.  After some time off I was determined to get my knee stronger to tolerate more miles so I built my volume slowly and finished out the season with a 2nd place division win at the Soldier Marathon in November in Georgia to honor my Samantha and other loved ones (RaceForGrief.com).  I am happy to report my knee held up really well and only started to bother me at mile 22, so that was more progress!  I was also pleased to be able to mark-off three states towards my 50-states goal this year:  Alabama, Georgia & Hawaii.  Learn more: A Journey To Race in All 50-states

I am pleased to report that I will be recognized as an Ironman All-World Silver athlete (top 5% in my division in the world) during the 2016 season.

Over all it was a busy season with lots of training, travel and learning opportunities, in total I completed; two 100-mile century rides, two ½ marathons, three 70.3 Half Ironman events, one Ironman & one marathon this year. It was a full race schedule!  As always I appreciate the opportunity to compete and do what I love.  Thank you to my family, friends and sponsor support.  I couldn’t do it without you!  I am looking forward to a successful 2017 season.

Happy Training,

Coach Lora Erickson

Need help with training? Contact Coach Lora directly at theblonderunner@gmail.com

See more race results & learn more about Coach Lora Who is Blonde Runner?

Check Air Quality

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air quality index imageSometimes is better to stay out of the bad air and run indoor.  Here’s a link to check air quality daily in Utah, it is updated often.  Click to view

Read more: Pro’s & Con’s of Treadmill Running

Interesting Runners World article! “…exercise was overpowering the effect of the pollution.”  – The Smog Dilemma: to Exercise or Not to Exercise?

Easy Red Beans & Rice Recipe

This is super easy and yummy! This is one of our family favorites. Great source of protein too! Enjoy!
Coach Lora Erickson

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Easy Red Beans & Rice Recipe2 cans low sodium kidney beans with juice 1 can water 2 cloves minced garlic 2 tsp….

Posted by Lora Heyl Erickson on Monday, February 8, 2016

Want to learn more about Nutrition? Take a class from Coach Lora Erickson. To learn more message her directly at theblonderunner@gmail.com
Next Class: February 24, 2016 in Davis County, Utah.

Race For Grief – sharing stories

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I wanted to personally welcome Theresa Jackson from the east coast to the Race For Grief event in 2015. I was touched by her email to me and asked to share it with you. My heart breaks for her not being able to be a mother but I am so thrilled to see her breaking out of her cocoon to be the best version of herself. So inspiring! Thank you for sharing Theresa! I look forward to meeting you on Memorial Day to honor your babies with us!
Coach Lora Erickson
Shared to the FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/RaceForGrief

Dear Coach Lora,

I want to thank you for creating the Race for Grief. Although I am a 44 year old, non-runner, I am registered for the 10k event in May! I will be traveling from Florida and proudly running to honor my babies.

Since 1998, I’ve been consumed by what I couldn’t do…have a child. After losing 5 pregnancies, I also lost my ability to have children at the age of 28. My whole life I wanted to be a mom, nothing else seemed very important. After my hysterectomy, I existed under a veil of grief.
About 10 months ago, I realized my babies needed to be acknowledged & I was not living a life that honored them. I had formed a protective cocoon around myself, while safe, it wasn’t fulfilling. I began working with a few pregnancy loss groups, the older, over-experienced member. I found great solace in helping these younger women. I became a certified End of Life Doula to help support others through life’s final transition. Around the same time, registration opened for your event…so here I am.

While the idea of running is very intimidating, it’s time for me to break out of my cocoon. Although not a mother, I need to be the best version of me. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such a personal, beautiful event as part of my healing journey.

With gratitude,
Theresa Jackson


2015 South Davis Recreation Center Race Series

Want to get involved in some great local events?  If so, this is a great series to get involved with.  Five races total (2 triathlons, 3 running races).

Cyan Logo


Pricing:  $140 through 12/31  – less than last year!

$150 from 1/1 – 2/13

Registration will close on 2/13! No exceptions!!

reg now orangeAll registered series members will receive a hooded, long sleeve, tri blend training shirt, and those who FINISH all 5 races will receive a quarter zip tech jacket. 

Note:  You must be registered for the series, not just complete all the races so be sure and take advantage of this great pricing!

Running & Triathlon Classes:

Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner will be offering a series of classes through the year for registered racers.  The first one will be offered in January for the Sweetheart participants.  Learn more about the Winter Running Class

 Periodic race giveaways can be found on the Blonde Runner Health Facebook page

Thanksgiving Day Races at the South Davis Recreation Center

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no year thanks Logo

It’s time to start preparing and training for the annual Thanksgiving Day races at the South Davis Recreation Center.  This year they will be offering a 10K, 5K and kids K on Thanksgiving Day morning (Thurs. Nov. 28).  Come join in the fun and bring the whole family.

Give Back to the Community – Food Drive:  Bring in a can of food and get $1 off registration (up to $3)

Better get registered.  Early bird pricing ends Oct. 20.

Get registered

Learn more

Want to volunteer? Message me at lora@blonderunner.com

Running Scared 5K & 10K Oct. 26

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Breakout the Halloween Costumes and get ready to be “Running Scared”! On Oct 26, 2013 the Running Scared event will be held at Tuscany Park in Herriman. They will be offering a 5K & 10K run and all the fun family festivities like a carnival for the children with balloons, face painting, games prizes and more. Also kids under 7 can run for free! How awesome is that! I just love see family friendly events like this. They will also have finishers medals and prizes for the division winners, so it’s a great event for all levels. Come and get festive. Learn more 
Check out this cool footage of last years event

Tri Clinic / Race Course Preview – Labor Day Triathlon



Tri Clinic / Race Course Preview – Labor Day Triathlon

Friday August 30, 2013

5:30 – 7 p.m.

For all these registered to participant in the Labor Day Triathlon at the South Davis Recreation Center in Bountiful are welcome to attend this free clinic.  I will be explaining how the transition is set up etc…  We will also ride the route together so bring your bike and helmets.  Meet at the pavilion on the southeast side of the South Davis Recreation Center at 5:30 p.m.  I am excited to teach you and answer your questions.  Please RSVP to reserve your spot by sending a message to lora@blonderunner.com.  Limited spots.  I hope to see you there.  Learn more about the triathlon

~ Coach Lora Erickson


ChooseMyPlate dot Gov

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The USDA has introduced a New Food Icon: “My Plate.” It illustrates a simple way to visualize what American families need to be eating to stay healthy. Visit www.ChooseMyPlate.gov to learn more about how to incorporate vegetables, fruits, protein, grain and dairy. Check it out. http://youtu.be/SEFmSk08LIE

Do you have a group of friends that want to get fit and healthy together?

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img_2056lora11lora01-fitness-diet-plan-class-july-2008 lora5


So, do you have a group of friends or family members that would love to get fit and healthy together?If so, set up a class for you and your friends. Coach Lora Erickson “Blonde Runner” will come and teach you fun exercises, fitness tips and proper nutrition to help each individual be a healthier person.All classes are customized for the group and many different topics can be addressed including:healthy cooking, recipe modification, weight training, body sculpting, weight loss, sports nutrition, family health, stress management, meditation, running, triathlons, personal training, provident living, athletic fitness etc…A minimum of 8 people is required to hold a class, but 15-20 people are preferred.

Other Services Available:

Coach Lora is also available for one-time lectures or guest speaking for your group or business.

Do you have a home gym you want to learn how to use better? She can help you with that too.

Corporate wellness program for your company.

One-on-one programs are also available.

If you are interested in setting up a class or what to learn more contact Lora directly.

Coach Lora Erickson

“Blonde Runner”


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