Semi-private Triathlon Specific Swimming Instruction

Semi-private individual swimming instruction is offered by appointment.  The swim coaching is for adults and will focus on triathlon specific skills.  This is great to help improve your swim technique and drop your swim times. Pre-payment is required to reserve a spot.  Limited spots.  If you are interested in attending please contact Coach Lora Erickson

Coach Lora Erickson is a US Masters Certified Level 1 &2 swim coach.

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Underwater Swimming Analysis is also optional.  Click here to learn more.

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A couple of years back Joey and I decided to start doing triathlons. Been fun doing this together and for a couple of old people, we have done pretty well. When folks ask me about triathlons, I always say “I love everything about them, except the swim and the run!” I also always say “I’m a cyclist really, but do tris for fun!” I especially hate the swimming!

Today Joey and I took a swimming class from a great coach by the name of Lora Heyl Erickson. In less than an hour, she pointed out a couple of things that made a huge difference in our efficiency, and gave us pointers that make me think that somewhere along the way we may actually become swimmers too! If you are looking for a great coach, give Lora a call. She’s not just a swim coach and can help with other stuff too. I believe she has a website called Thanks Lora! I’m looking forward to working more with you!”  – Aaron S. – swim class participant

“Underwater swim video analysis with Lora has helped me improve my form so much. Seeing the underwater video of me swimming was not only fun to watch, but it really helped Lora and me see what I was doing well, and where I needed improvement. After a couple of sessions with Lora, I really worked on incorporating the suggestions she gave me, and recently, as part of my training, she had me swim a timed 750 meter effort. I turned out the fastest 750 meter split I have ever swum, racing or training. Now I can’t wait to get out into the open water to swim with a wetsuit! Thanks Lora!” ~ Chris W. – TBR Triathlon team member 2011 & 2012