Running Form Class


Have you ever watched a race broadcast on television and marveled at the effortless grace of a professional runner striding out sub-five-minute miles, as if they were out for an easy jog in the park? Contrast this to the general masses seen pounding out miles struggling to stay in shape.

Do you ever wonder how it seems so effortless for professional runners?

We are all born with a certain running style and degree of efficiency.However, proper run mechanics or form can be developed and improved upon. Professionals perfect technique through training and discipline.Through the use of form and biomechanical analysis, inefficiencies can be identified and changes can be made to help improve overall running economy and prevent injury, making running easier and seemingly more effortless.

Developing proper running mechanics can make you an efficient and strong runner with less effort.Learning how to run smother, faster and stay healthy can be easier than you think. Join a Running For Class and get feedback on your form to perform at your best.

Q.Who should be involved in a Running Form Class?

Form and technique changes are most beneficial for those that want to improve their running or walking efficiency.Also those who suffer from reoccurring injury or are interested in learning proper running form a form analysis is right for them. Form feedback can identify many common flaws and prevent injuries such as shinsplints, chondramalacia (knee pain), IT Band syndrome, Plantar Fascitis, and Tendonitis.

How long does it take?

Running Form Classes are offered in warm weather months.  These small group classes are 45-60 minutes long and are held outdoor in the Bountiful, Utah area.  An individual Running Form Analysis can also be scheduled if you want more private individualized feedback.

Message Coach Lora Erickson at to get on the waiting list for the next group class.  Private classes can be set-up for groups of friends/family.

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