Be Grateful in Your Circumstances – Start a Gratitude Journal with Coach Lora Erickson,

Being grateful in our circumstances isn’t always easy but it’s possible. We all go through tough times but there is always good if we look for it. Each day before I go to bed I like to take a moment and review my day and record a few good things that happened in my gratitude journal. It has made all the difference for me. Even the smallest kindness from others can really lift my spirit on a particularly changing day. We truly don’t know others struggles so when in doubt be kind. This includes being kind to yourself. Thank you to those that show me mercy, empathy, kindness and love. You are so appreciated #gratitude #thankyou I strive to do the same and to view my world in a way that helps me look for ways I can contribute despite my short comings, mistakes and faults.
Do you think a gratitude journal would help you? Do you keep one already? How has it helped?
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Registration is Open for the 2022 Race For Grief Event on Memorial Day

It has been 23 years since I held you in my arms and had to said goodbye to you all too early. I am thankful for the motivation you give me to do better. Although you only lived five hours, you inspire me. You are an angel. I know you are rooting for me and love me despite my mistakes and imperfections and that makes all the difference. I miss and love you! I will continue to keep the promise I whispered to you. You will never be forgotten and your life matters @raceforgriefutah 💕


Lora Erickson

Race Director 

Instagram: @theblonderunner

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Triathlon Training Gets Real Results for Justin with Coach Lora Erickson,

Going from being an Opioid addict to cleaning up his life, getting an education and having a family, now Justin is working towards qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships working with Coach Lora. He began as a novice athlete just 9 months ago when he first contacted the Blonde Runner. Listen to him share his story in his own words. To learn more about Coach Lora Erickson and her programs, visit

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Testimonial from Nancy, hiker and senior games triathlete

I hired Coach Lora five months ago to help me train for a triathlon. She not only introduced me to new kinds of workouts but challenged me beyond what I had considered myself able to do. She has been encouraging and excited about my progress, willing to answer questions and has shared insights and training tips to help me do my best. She adapted my training to include other activities I enjoy such as hiking, which helped me complete the Rim to River hike in the Grand Canyon recently, and I have discovered that I can do much more than I ever thought I could! Her coaching has been of great value to me and I have become not only more physically fit but mentally tough and confident in myself and my abilities. I am going into my triathlon next week prepared to give it my best and have fun doing it! I would recommend her coaching or consultations to anyone who seeks a professional perspective on goals, training, racing or personal motivation. Thanks, Coach Lora!

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Enso Roller Giveaway

I am a huge fan of using a foam roller & SMR techniques for recovery. I especially love the completely customizable enso roller by Evofit. Now is your chance to win won, check out this giveaway…

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“ You truly amaze me. If anyone is new to Lora, I can attest she has been this driven and ambitious her whole life. She is amazing. ”

Tara H.