What are people saying about Blonde Runner events?



Here’s what people are saying about the Race For Grief event:

“Hi Lora,
I’ve been following you for awhile now on IG. I first learned about you three years ago when I lost my son, Charlie, to SIDS. Training for your Race for Grief was so meaningful for me! It gave me a way to focus my energy and pain and learn that I am not broken and can be strong again! I hadn’t run further than 3 consecutive miles before losing Charlie, so it was quite a challenge for me to run a 10k. I have now run the Race for Grief 10k twice since then and plan on running again this year! Thank you for organizing and executing such an inspiring, healing, and meaningful event! I LOVE running and seeing everyone’s shirts honoring their loved ones. I also love wearing my Charlie shirt and honoring my baby boy!”  ~ Anna P.

Tiffany Russell Green This is my favorite run! It’s so healing.”

Lora , I had such an overwhelming experience on Monday. I can’t put in to words how much I needed that or how much I’m looking forward to next year.”  Shaylee

“Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your amazing event. We had so much fun!” Leslie

“Thank you for all your work in putting on a great event that helped my family grieve some more with our loss this last month of my brother in law that died in a motorcycle accident.  Sorry for your loss.  Thanks for a wonderful morning.”  Kory

Thanks for putting together this great event Lora Heyl Erickson. Great course and better cause!!

“I had an incredible experience this morning. Today was my first RFG and I’m so glad I was there. Granted, I cried most of the morning, but it was so healing and beautiful. I love and appreciate my finisher medal! I will be back every year you do this race!”  ~ S.H. 2014 participant

Dan Evans (on Facebook) I’m running for my little brother, November 9, 2012. He was a Marine Corpsman and father of three. Lost him to suicide. Running is my therapy for grief!! THANK YOU for allowing the opportunity to run and honor him and his life accomplishments!!!

“I thought the race was amazing again. I was able to set a new PR for the 10K and beat my time from last year. The turnout was wonderful and it is such an emotional and amazing event. Great job!”

“It was a beautiful race and very nice tribute.”

“Thanks for giving me a chance to honor my daughter.  I ran with tears for the last mile but with a wonderful feeling of her keeping me strong.”

“Great race, such a wonderful cause and so well organized.”

“It was a great event!  Thanks for letting us join you!  We met some great people.”

“I love the keychain medals.  Very unique.  Great idea.  I’ll use the keychain.”

“Thanks so much for putting on such a great event”

“I hope you feel it was a great success.  You made a difference to so many.”

“Such a great race for a wonderful cause!  I beat my best time by 4 minutes!  Thanks for the great training Coach Lora Erickson!”

“Today was wonderful!  Thanks for putting it all together.  It was a great way for us to remember our daughter and for our family to remember our daughter as well.”

“It was really wonderful seeing families rallying together.  I think you do a huge service to the healing of people who have lost someone by hosting this race.  I saw everything from people honoring grandparents to people honoring lost children.  I know it takes a lot to put yourself out there like this and say to everyone “I’ve lost a child and it’s a hard thing to go through and live with” but by doing it, you show others how to honor a loved one while moving forward with your life.  Even though I often think of a close friend who unexpectedly died a year and a half ago, it certainly made me smile and think of him on Saturday and send love his way.  I would be honored to help out again and hopefully run next year.  Congrats on a really well done race!!”  ~ Rachel D., volunteer 2013 RFG event

“From one angel mom to another I just wanted to say thank you.  I found out about the race for grief from the Utah Share newsletter.  I lost my son Dylan on march 15.  I guess you could say I was hiding many emotions from everyone around me.  This race has given me an excuse to get away everyday and focus on me, and to have time to think about my Dylan.  Now I am addicted to running 🙂 I am so excited to come out next month and run for Dylan.  THANK YOU so much for your inspiration.”  ~ Katie P., Participant

“This is exactly what the run did for me last year.  Harlow was stillborn in April & the race was in June.  I only had about 6 weels to train, but it helped me work on me…It gave me a healthy outlet…It gave me something else to focus on…and it was my therapy. ”  ~ Jennifer R., participant

“This is a wonderful race …for anyone who has lost a baby or a pregnancy, this race is a great way to honor them.  It was such a large part of the healing process for me.”  ~ Becca C.

“Hey Lora, I just wanted to thank you for the Race for Grief.  I’ve been struggling with whether to run it or not, but decided the cause is worth it.  I’ve been asking for stories and names of angel children to carry with me durning the run and I’ve been so inspired by the response I’ve gotten.  So many people don’t really grieve those babies and they are loving the opportunity to truly remember them.  I feel like those angel babies will carry me to the finish line.  I’m making a shirt with all of thier names.  Thank you.”  ~ Diane O., Particpant

 “What an awesome event!  So many people don’t realize that there is a real grieving process associated with these posses.  There were plans made for these babies.  They were expected, loved and anticipated.  Each one of ours has a special place in our hearts and memories.”  ~ Nicole K.

“It’s nice to be around so many people who understand at the same time.  Those 6 miles have come to mean more than any of the other thousands I have run.  Lora, thank you again for sharing your story and creating this race!” ~ Becca C., particpant

“Thanks!  It was a great day and I loved uniting with others who have suffered similar, painful losses.” ~- Anna P., participant 2012 

“Thanks for hosting such a wonderful event!”  ~ Ashley G. – participant 2012

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for putting on this event.  I enjoyed my experience completing my first 10k.  What I really enjoyed is running for the cause.  This event was a great way to gather a group of people together who share a common thread, of pregnancy or infant loss.  I lost my first son seven years ago, running and training to complete this 10K has helped me even now in my healing – including my sense of getting stronger in mind and body.  I not only completed this goal for him, I did it for my other three amazing children as well.  I have marked this event on my calendar for next year!”  ~ Erin R. – 2012 participant 

“Love the race shirts.  Thank you.  I’m so glad there is a way for us to include our baby’s name on them.  I expect I’ll wear this shirt in a lot of my races.”  ~ Gail A. – 2012 participant

“Thanks so much for putting on such an amazing event and thanks to all my friends and family for being apart of it for my babies!”  ~ Steph M. – 2012 participant

 “Our thanks to everyone who helped with this fabulous event.  We found it genuinely moving to be among young parents who were grieving and remembering dear children – it was just where Caring Connections ought to be.  Lora Erickson is an inspired person and has generously coordinated this event for the benefit of Caring Connections and SHARE.”  ~ Kathie Supiano, Director Caring Connections  

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