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Blonde Runner sky pictureSo you have dabbled in triathlon long enough to decide you really like it and you’re ready to take your training to the next level; How do you do it?  Here are some suggestions, in no particular order:
Upgrade Your Equipment
– Add aero bars to your road bike, this will improve your aerodynamics and help you utilize larger muscle groups on the bike to help keep you fresher for the run.
– Upgrade to a carbon fiber frame. These frames are lighter and make for a more comfortable “less-bumpy” ride.
– Invest in a more aerodynamic race helmet.
– Get a set of race wheels, they are lighter and more aerodynamic, not to mention offer a smoother ride.
– Upgrade to a TT or time-trial bike.  Keep in mind that in triathlon, aerodynamics usually trumps weight.
– Purchase and learn how to use a GPS watch with a heart rate monitor. Feedback while exercising can often change your effort levels and help you get the most from your training.
– Invest in a power meter and train with power. For me this has been very beneficial to see numbers as I am going and change my effort based on what I am seeing.
– Get a proper bike fit. A more comfortable and efficient position will help you maximize your effort and improve performance as well as prevent injury.

Commit To Healthy Living
– Eat better. Adapt new eating habits and keep a food log for more accountability. MyFitnessPal is a great portable app.
– Lean-up. One thing that will make you faster is leaning up your body up. Obviously if you are lighter it’s easier to “carry” your body from the start to the finish over many miles.
Up Your Level of Commitment
– Spend more time training.
– Set harder goals. Goals should encourage you to reach outside of your comfort zone to become a better athlete and person.
– Discipline yourself to prioritize training and don’t skip workouts.
– Push yourself harder during hard workouts.
– Enlist support from others. This can be as simple as sharing your goals and asking for support.

Hire A Coach
– Having a coach creates more accountability and support.
– Knowledge is power; “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  A coach can educate you.
– Coaches often have more insight and experience to share.
– A coach can help you stay motivated.  They often have a deep passion and are enthusiastic about the sport.
– Coaches offer an outside perspective that can be help you make better training decisions.
– Let me know if you need help. I am a coach with a passion for this sport. I would love to help you reach your health goals.

More about the Coach: Coach Lora Erickson is a USA triathlon & USAT&F certified run coach. She has been coaching for over 18 years and works with all level of athletes. She is also a seasoned athlete with over 30 years of experience. To learn more visit BlondeRunner.com  Learn More

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Labor Day Triathlon: Beginner Triathlon Clinic and Sprint Route Bike Preview

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Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner will be offering a Beginner Race Clinic & Sprint Bike Preview scheduled for Saturday August 29, 2015 @ 8am meeting at south-east pavilion at the back of the South Davis Recreation Center in Bountiful (bring your bike and helmet). The clinic is free for registered racers. If you are not registered for the race you can still attend but you will need to register for $10 online or at the facility (front desk). Registration can be done via email (cindy@southdavisrecreation.com) as long as they are registered.  

Race Event Date: September 7, 2015 – 8 a.m.

Use the discount code BLONDERUNNER and get $5.00 off their entry (any distance)!

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In The News: Nationally Recognized Coach Helping Athletes Reach Goals

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Davis Clipper Article 7.23.2015

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Product Review: Phone Case

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  • I recently tried out this nice new high-quality case for my phone. It’s really handy and the arm band can be used for running, or hiking. I also strapped it to my bike so I utilize GPS if needed. It’s completely weatherproof too. #bike2power #tigrasport #phonecase



Product Review: Garmin Watch 920xt with Heart Rate

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Garmin 920 xt 7.3.2015I was going to write an amazing product review on the Garmin 920xt watch with heart rate that I got from Wasatch Running Center and have been using lately. It’s quite an upgrade from my 910xt watch I was using. It has blue tooth capabilities, calculates VO2max estimates, does vertical oscillation and calculated ground contact time as well as does recovery checks and allow you to set a cadence chime etc.. this watch has tons of bells and whistles and I could spend hours going through it all in a detailed product review, but why spend the time doing it when RCRainmaker already has. He puts out amazing product reviews so if you want to know more about this great watch click this link:  Garmin In-depth Review.

Happy Training,

Coach Lora Erickson


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Rise & Shine Run. I just love all the data my Garmin 920 XT watch from @wasatchrunning provides: #time #distance #pace #elevation #heartrate #verticaloscillation #ground contact time. I always like to record temperatures and nutrition for all the workouts too. I guess you could say I love details. Data is interesting – I must be a coach 😉 @garminofficial #garmin #lovemygarmin #run #triathlontraining #fitness #blonderunner #athlete #health #coach #numbers

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What Goes Into A Race Report? – Coach Lora Erickson, BlondeRunner.com

Coach Lora Erickson explains what goes into a race report and why they can be beneficial for you. IG @theblonderunner Twitter @blonderunner FB Blonde Runner Health #BlondeRunnerTips

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Coach Lora Erickson Getting a Bike Fit at Intermountain LiVe Well Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

Coach Lora aka Blonde Runner shares her experience with getting a bike fit at Intermountain LiVe Well Center in Salt Lake City. To get something scheduled call them at 385-282-2700 or visit LiveWellCenter.org/SaltLake. Nate and Dr. Max Testa were great (and funny I might add). I had a great experience!

Body Fat Testing with Intermountain LiVe Well Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

Coach Lora takes you through what happens when you get your body fat tested at Intermountain LiVe Well Center in Salt Lake City. To get something scheduled call them at 385-282-2700 or visit LiveWellCenter.org/SaltLake
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