42 things I am going to do on my 42nd birthday. July 30, 2014


(in no particular order – well maybe the icecream one)

1 – Eat ice-cream for breakfast – because I love ice cream and it’s my Birthday!

2 – Workout  - because it’s my fav.  Join in the fun with my Birthday Wish workout on Instagram http://instagram.com/theblonderunner  This.is.so.darn.exciting!  To be posted July 30 in the morning when I decide to get up.  Hey, it’s my birthday.  I might sleep in until like 7 a.m. or something.

3 – get a massage (oh yeah!)

4 – Do karate with my son – because it’s fun.  Bring it!

5 – go running (yeah, I know I already mentioned exercise – but I love to exercise so it gets two spots)

6 – kiss my kids 42 times (it’s the gift that keeps on giving – I am sure they will LOVE this one)

7 – write down 42 things I like about myself (this might take all day)

8 – Laugh 42 times (this one will be a cinch, easy-peasy).  No, not all at once silly – people will think I’ve lost my mind.

9 – Eat vegetables – because I am worth taking care of.  Oh, yeah!  Bring on the salad.  I LOVE salads!

10 – Kick up my feet and read a magazine from front to back – or maybe just look at the pictures.

11 – Go shopping – because I LOVE to shop!  Maybe I will buy another bottle of nail polish for my collection.

12 – Share an inspirational quote with my dog and cat.  Hey – they are like my kids too.

13 – Open some presents.  Ok, re-wrap the presents I opened early and open them again (sorry, I just can’t wait).

14 – Buy myself more presents.  (J/K).  Maybe surf the web and imagine myself opening those presents.  Yeah know; the new car, fancy jewelry and two million dollar house.  That is going to take a lot of wrapping paper!

15 – Do some secret service to someone (I can’t tell you more or it won’t be a secret – “”wink””)

16 – Build a snowman with Elsa. Humm, not seeing any snow in these dog days of summer.  Maybe I’ll sing the Frozen song with my daughter at the top of our lungs.

17- Dance wildly to a song with all my children.   (They will love this one as we have done it before!)  Good times!  Good times!

18 – Take a nap – well, I might only have time for a power nap, but I’ll take it. I will be exhausted from all the festivities so far. I will need to rest up for the evening festivities.

19- Yawn!  Because I just took a nap.  You can yawn too if you are getting bored reading this, but you must read on.  You can do it!

20 – 25 Teach somebody something about health.  This will easily take 5 slots. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to teach others about health, fitness,& nutrition – you name it, I love it!

26 – Post some inspirational thought and change someone life forever.  Okay, maybe it won’t change someone’s life, but maybe, just maybe it will lighten their load for a day or spread some joy.

27 – Ring a cowbell – because it’s darn fun and reminds me of racing.  (no, I am not half cow – although you might think that by how I ate my ice-cream for breakfast)

28 – Make up a joke.  You might be surprised at my hidden skills in this arena.  My knock, knock jokes are pretty amazing; kinda like my children’s knock, knock jokes.

29 – Sing a song for reals.  Yes, I love to sing (not that I am good at it).  Move over Katy Perry, make some room for the Blonde Runner vocals sung in the amazing acoustics of the shower.  I am jammin’ to the Birthday song.

30 – Take a shower.  I would like to keep the friends that I have and it’s really the only place I feel comfortable singing.

31 – I can’t believe I am only on # 31.  Dang I am old.  I think I will give myself 42 spankings for getting so old.

32 – Get a suntan – okay, just kidding I already have a tan!  Have you seen my faint but REAL tan line I documented on Instagram?  Check it out  Isn’t it great?!

33 – Do nothing.  Because I never get to do nothing.  This might get boring so I will have to max it out at 3 minutes.

34 – Go outside and stare at the garden.  Yes, I like to stare at my garden.  My neighbors think I am crazy.  But I love my garden.  I would marry it if I could.

35 – Stop and smell the roses.  This is assuming I am moving, but remember I was staring at the garden so I guess I will have to walk over to the roses, stop, and then small them.  Yes, I love my flowers too.  I am not a plant racist.

36 – Go to dinner!  I love to eat out.  I like the challenge of finding healthy things to eat.  But I might get whatever I want because it’s my birthday.  (Good thing I run).

37 – Hug my kids 42 times because they didn’t get enough with the kisses.  I know they will just LOVE this.  It might turn into a wrestling match.

38 – Have a water fight or nerf gun war with my family (shhh, don’t tell them, I’m going to take them by surprise).  Clearly they have no chance.  Bring it!

39 – Walk the dog.  Because if I don’t he will poo and pee in the house and that is not a birthday present I want.

40 – Watch a movie at home (because I LOVE to watch movies at home with my family)

41 – Write in my journal and record things I am greatful for.  I want to remember this day.  You only get a birthday once a year! (They really ought to bump it up to two times a year so I can live to be 200 years old).

42- Make someone laugh.  If you even so much as chuckled at any of these I can check this one off.  Thank you!  (wink, wink)

Happy Birthday to me!  I am glad I was born!  Thanks for pushing me out Mom.

Birthday Wish Workout

My birthday is tomorrow and it is my wish that you will join me for a Birthday Wish Workout to be posted to instagram tomorrow. Be sure and take a picture of you doing the workout and tag #happybirthdaycoachlora @theblonderunner. It’s going to be a blast!
~ Coach Lora Erickson

Poem: The Monument

When ever I am having a tough day I like to read this poem.  It puts things into perspective for me.  It helps me pick myself up and march on through life.  Hope it will lift you up too.  Enjoy.

Coach Lora Erickson



Before He sent his children to earth

Gave each of them

A very carefully selected package

Of problems,


He promised, smiling,

Are yours alone, No one

Else may have the blessings

These problems will bring you.

And only you

Have the special talents and abilities

That will be needed

To make these problems

Your servants.

Now go down to your birth

And to your forgetfulness, Know that

I love you beyond measure.

These problems that I give you

Are a symbol of that love.

These monuments you make of your life

With the help of your problems

Will be a symbol of your

Love for me.

Your Father.

Reference: Charlie’s Monument by Blaine M. Yorgason

Need to Rent Wetsuit or Openwater Help?

wetsuit rental openwater coachingNeed a wetsuit? I have a handful available for rent. I also coach open water swimming. Just send me a message at lora@blonderunner.com if you are interested.

- Coach “Blonde Runner” – Lora Erickson

Join the fun at the Boot Scootin Boogie Mud Run

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Boot Scootin Boogie Mud RunThis event looks like a total blast!  I love to see fun and creative races like this.  Check out the event details:

Date:  October 4, 2014

Ya’ll think playing in the mud is fun? Just imagine playing in mud while romping like a cowboy or cowgirl.

The Boot Scootin’ Boogie is country bumpkin, cowboy kickin’ themed obstacles mud run. Get down and dirty in the mud with challenging obstacles, such as:

  • Rope wrangling
  • Hay mound hopping
  • Cattle chutes
  • Cowpie slinging
  • Fence flinging
  • Milky way
  • Two step terrain
  • Snake in the boot
  • So shine up those belt buckles and bring your little cowboys and cowgirls. This is going to be a party that even the youngsters don’t want to miss! Learn more

Get Involved in the Layton Triathlon

layton triathlon

I love local events and this one is one of my favorites! There are many reasons I love the Layton Triathlon: For one it’s local, so I don’t have to travel far to compete. Two is something my family can be a part of (who doesn’t love their own cheering section?).  Three –  it’s a fun challenge to do two mini tri’s back-to-back.  This race is unique and is set up to swim-bike-run, then do it all over again; so you have to go from a run back to the swim.  I have to admit it feels really good to jump back in the water after getting hot on the run.  I have done this race many times, here’s some pictures from the events over the years.  One year it even landed on my birthday – and the whole crowd sang to me – it was pretty cool!  My favorite picture below is my cute little kids cheering!  The event will be held on August 2nd this year.  It’s a fun one to get involved with!  Use the code BLDRUN and save $ (thanks for reading).   Learn more

Lora 38685_1528827630645_7236033_n 40350_1528862871526_1533356182_31304724_3126278_n 38685_1528827710647_1694667_n

Kacy Catanzaro rocked American Ninja Warrior

I am not going to lie, I have totally considered building obstacles to use in my backyard to train for something like this. I am a big fan of American Ninja Warrior and was totally impressed with Kacy Catanzaro who rocked it at the Dallas finals becoming the first women to complete the course! She was amazing! Check out this video and get inspired!
~ Coach Lora Erickson

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Race Report: Cache Gran Fondo Cycling Race & Tour

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blue gran fondo logoWow, as always the Cache Gran Fondo did not disappoint. I have been part of this event since it existence 3 years ago and I remember being so impressed with how well organized it was even the inaugural year! I graduated from Utah State University as well as interned at Logan Regional Hospital (affiliated with the Race Director that puts on the event) so naturally I love to return to my old stomping grounds. A lot has changed since I want to college there, but the same beautiful mountains have not. As always I like to drive up the morning of the event. Getting up before the sun has its perks – I love to see the sunrise! This year I was participating again as an athlete as well as sponsor with many of my Team Blonde Runner – Triathlon athletes (www.TBRtriathlon.com). What a great group!
At the start we found each other and assembled ourselves for the 50 mile event which the majority of the team members were doing. I suggested they use the race for training and run after the ride to simulate a triathlon. I did this last year and found it great for training to run on tired legs – just like it would be in a triathlon.
Soon they announced the start but we were waiting for a team member and after it thinned out a bit we all started together. The weather was absolutely perfect at high 50’s low 60’s to start! The route rides in a large loop through Cache Valley and it was great to reminisce in my mind about all the great times I had in college running for Utah State University on scholarship. I am a long distance runner gone triathlete. Triathlons rock!
Since the 100 mile riders started before us there were lots of people to catch up with and I found myself passing riders the whole time even though I was riding conservatively since I knew I would be stopping and waiting at the first support station to check on everyone and reconnect with team members. The first support station was offer just short of 20 miles. When I arrived they had plenty of great snacks and beverages to refill water bottles etc… Last year we had a team member experience some flat tires so I wanted to wait until every team member arrived so I could make sure all was well and nobody needed assistance. I was pleased to see everyone was having a great time and we enjoyed visiting a while at the first aide station as everyone trickled in. Before long we were on our way to tackle the next 30 miles.10540841_10204340781349658_1492248091954288981_n

996114_10204340776829545_5687961572218464753_n  10557303_10204340777549563_2343274518175132355_n
Immediately out of this stop the 50 and 100 mile rides split and not too much farther up the road was a 500 foot climb. I was looking forward to the challenge. The hill starts gradually and gets stepper as you go so it was important to keep your cadence up and not burn out your legs too early. I was happy to say I was passing people the entire climb. As always it was a thrill to reach the top and see the spray painted sign “KOM” on the asphalt. Just for a second you truly feel like a “King of the Mountain.” At this point the riders were thinning out and I found myself riding between groups; as I would catch them I would pull them for a while until I dropped them and worked on closing the next gap. It was fun! I was thrilled to be able to hold 36 mph for a portion of it. I tried to work in aero as much as I could to simulate a triathlon. I couldn’t help looking around at the beautiful scenery that northern Utah has to offer. It felt great to have the wind on my face and be surrounded by nature. It is really easy to remember why I do this stuff when I participate in rides like this. I was in the zone and just enjoying the ride.
Before long the next two supports stops came and went. The route was well marked and it’s always fun to pick up the pace for the final stretch to the finish! Shortly after I finished I was awarded my finish medal. Since I wanted to simulate a ride-run workout (aka “brick”) I didn’t linger and quickly put my stuff away and traded out my cycling shoes for running shoes and took off on the run. By now it was getting hotter and as expected my legs were tired. I pushed them to run hard as I pounded out some miles – it felt good. I love the burn of a great workout! Soon after arriving back at the finish area I saw my first athlete finishing up her ride. She was smiling and enjoyed the event!

podium coach fondo 2014
I then browsed through the expo with lots of vendors and enjoyed all the fun festivities. It was an honor to be part of such a well organized event! After picking up some food (provided by the event with a meal ticket – how cool is that?!) I headed back over to the finish and was greeting by many other team member who had just finished with smiles on their faces. It was fun to say hello and I was happy to see everyone had done well and felt good about their ride.
This was truly a great event and one I plan to do every year. It’s just so fun to be back in Cache Valley and to be part of such a great event. This event also helps fund breast cancer screenings – bonus. I love to be part of a great cause too! BreastCancerScreeningsI hope to see you there next year!
~ Coach Lora Erickson

Registration for the 2015 event will begin in January. Learn more
Check out this cool video – you can see all the great views!

Other perks you should know about:
Complimentary breakfast before the event
Photo’s available for free after the event
Great expo at the finish with lots of fun booths, food and vendors.
UCA categories racing available
Free meal ticket after
Prizes & drawings

Great Message in This Song: Try – Colbie Caillat

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I just love this message in this song.  “When you are all alone do you like you?” I like you and I like me.  Be yourself!  Love this!  Enjoy.

Coach Lora Erickson


Get signed up for a triathlon this weekend

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The Cache Valley Super Sprint put on by On Hill Events is coming up this weekend!  Registration is still open – use the code BLDRUN to get a discount – check it out Triathlons are a blast!

Coach Lora Erickson


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