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Teeth Whitening Kit- Children’s Dentistry Bountiful, Dr. Nelson


Anyone who knows me well knows that I carry floss sticks and those cute little mini toothbrushes around in my car and brush and floss while I travel.  I can’t stand gunk on my teeth.  I like them to be clean and what I like to call “slimy.”  Maybe you think I am extreme, but I’ve had very few cavities in my adulthood.  (I know all my dental hygiene friends are standing up and cheering out loud right now because they too value healthy teeth).  Yes it’s fair to say clean and white teeth are important to me and I would venture to say they are to anyone whose eyes have viewed a yellow smile.  It reminds of the toothpaste commercial – remember that one? Can’t you just hear the jaws theme song in the back of your mind as soon as those yellow teeth are exposed?  Yuck!  This is not a jingle I want associated with my smile.  I figure my parents spend a lot of money on braces so I could have straight teeth, the least I could do is keep them white right?

Naturally my teeth aren’t super yellow, they are actually pretty white, but I’ve always thought it would be nice to have an even brighter smile.  White teeth look so fresh, clean and pretty – like a celebrity.   For some time I have noticed a whitening kit that they offer at my children’s dentist office, Children’s Dentistry in Bountiful.  Years ago whitening seemed so expensive, but it’s really not that bad anymore. They only charge $350 for their home whitening kit and if you tell them Blonde Runner sent you in, you can get it for only $200!  (As always, I try to take care of my peeps!  Thanks for reading).  That is awesome for professional whitening and it’s really easy too.  I just called them up 801-295-8322 and told them I was interested in the whitening kit and scheduled a brief appointment where they molded my teeth.  The next day I picked up these cool molds and the rest of the kit.


At home when it was convenient for me I just squeeze the gel into the trays and put them on my teeth for the recommended time, which was 60 minutes and then I rinse them out (or you can do 2 x 30 minutes a day).  I did this for 5 days.  Viola – a white smile. It’s easy!  I have used the store bought brands before and these work so much faster better and don’t slide all over my teeth.   I also have more gel to use as I need to maintain the brightness I want, so I can have nice white teeth forever and could whiten them for special occasions like a reunion etc…  I could see people that are getting married using it (you have those pictures forever) or someone that just wants a little confidence boost.  I highly recommend it and they can be done in the privacy of your home.  You’ll have your teeth forever, so better take care of them right?! I now catch myself smiling while I am running – yes, I’m one of those crazy looking smiling runners!  Be sure and wave hello or honk if you see me.  You can’t miss me; I will be the one with the bright white celebrity smile.  Yeah for white teeth!

Thanks Children’s Dentistry!  ~ Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner

Here’s their address if you want to check it out.  1551 S. Renaissance Towne Dr, Suite 540

Bountiful, Utah


They are also great with kids. My kids LOVE to go to the dentist – they actually look forward to it and ask to go.  Maybe it’s all the fun prizes and stickers or the video games they play before in the waiting room (they never get to play very long as they call them right back).  Personally I like how they have all the chairs lined up and the parents can be with the children while they are getting their check-up.  All four of my children can get done at one time.  This.Is.So.Great!

Oh, by the way, the whitening kit can be used on children as young as 15/16 years old, so after they get their braces off; it might be a good idea.  Just an idea.  Don’t forget to tell them Blonde Runner sent you (save $150 and get it for only $200!!)  Such an awesome deal!

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Endurance Nutrition Class

BRH Nutrition Run Girl final AdThe next Endurance Nutrition Class will be offered on Tues. March 18, 2014 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.  Learn how to reserve your spot, email Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner at Limited spots.  Pre-registration required.

Chocolate Counts As A Salad

10001309_10203317222161318_373627888_n This one is pretty funny.  Chocolate is yummy but so are real salads!

~ Coach Lora Erickson

Upcoming Blonde Runner Health Classes – Spring 2014

Classes are only offered periodically and they usually fill quickly.  All classed are offered in the Davis County/Bountiful area.  To guarantee a spot, pre-pay to reserve it early. Message Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner directly at  Classes are held in the Bountiful, Utah area.

Upcoming Blonde Runner Classes/Programs:


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Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Ways To Die.  My kids shared this with me and it’s pretty funny!  Catchy tune too! Selling both kidney’s on the internet is probably my favorite.  LOL.  Enjoy.

~ Coach Lora Erickson

Organic Gardening Class


Organic Gardening Class

Wed. May 7, 2014

5:30 – 7 p.m.

Davis County

Limited spots.  Pre-registration required.

I love to garden, particularly vegetables, herbs and fruit and would love to share my passion with you.  I will be teaching a new Organic Gardening Class to show you the ins and outs of produce fresh organic food for your family.  Couples welcome.

Soil Prep and Composting

Seeds & Planting

Yard Gardening

Raised Beds/Pot Gardening

Cultivating of Common Cooking Herbs

Bountiful Vegetables

Fruits Trees/Berries


Note:  I will be offering a follow-up Cooking with Fresh Vegetables & Herbs Class in the Fall; look for announcements in my newsletter.  Subscribe here (it’s free): Subscribe Now

Beginner gardeners welcomed.  Since there are limited spots in the class, I require pre-registration.  Pre-payment will guaranteed a spot in the class.  To learn more contact Coach Lora Erickson at or visit www.BlondeRunner .com

Product Review: That’s It. All Natural Fruit Bars


Oh.My.Goodness!  These are the best and simple portable snacks.  If you have a hard time getting your fruit in or need something that won’t make a mess of your car or purse, you’ve found it.  These appropriately named “That’s it” fruit bars are just that – fruit only!  And the good news is that they are healthy too!  I’ve always preached that the less processed a food is the healthier it is for you -and here you have it.  A simple fruit bar with just fruit in it, not a bunch of fillers or preservatives.  These are gluten free, all natural, fat-free, kosher, vegan and raw. Low-calories too!  They have 6 different flavors to try, so choose your favorite fruit.


Click to learn where you can buy some

Great for kids lunches or pop one in your gym bag.  Enjoy!

Coach Lora Erickson


Success Trains. Failure Complains.

BRsuccess trains failure complains copySuccess trains.  Failure complains. Nobody wants to hear it.  It’s time to get to work.

~ Coach Lora Erickson

Pre-Race Breakfast For Different Events

By Coach Lora Erickson,

After coaching hundreds of athletes and doing triathlons and running for over 28 years I have learned a thing or two about what foods work for people before different types of races and what foods don’t.  Although nutrient needs are very individual there seems to be some common practices that work for most people.  Here are some suggestions; however be sure to test these in your training before you use them in a race to be sure they work for you.  Take time to fine-tune your nutrition plan.

What to eat before a 5K, 10K run or Sprint Distance Triathlon event:

I find most runners tend to do better with less in their stomach during these shorter faster race efforts; especially if it’s an early morning race.  For me I will eat a very light breakfast of 125-250 calories of an easily digested carbohydrate product, such as part of a flour tortilla, granola bar or banana a few hours before the race start.  I am 5’4”, 120-125lb athlete, so if you are larger you may need more, but I’d still go light. I would say a general rule of thumb would be .3-1 gram of carbohydrate per pound of body weight.  Be careful not to consume too much or your body will shunt blood away from your muscles to the stomach to digest and slow your pace.  I usually have some water or watered down electrolyte beverage with my breakfast.  I try to be careful not to drink too much before the event so I don’t have to use the bathroom excessively.  It’s also best to avoid anything really high in fat or fiber like fibrous fruits or things that contain a lot of dairy, artificial sweeteners or fructose; which is known to cause gastric upset.  This holds true for most races.  Usually very little food or water is needed during these shorter distance events but be sure to go into the race well hydrated.

What to eat before a Half Marathon, Marathon or Olympic Distance Triathlon event:

Since these are longer events, more nutrition during the event is needed.  For me I usually go into the event with an easily digested carbohydrate product one to two hours before the event like I do with a 5K or 10K.  Sometime I will consume a few additional chews, a bite or two of a peanut butter & honey sandwich or part of a gel pack within 15 minutes of the start time of the race and then consume one gel packet every 30-45 minutes during the event with electrolyte water.  Again it’s best to be well hydrated at the cellular level (read more about this on my website at  Again you want to avoid a lot of high fiber foods before or during the event so you don’t lose time using the porta-potty.

What to eat before a Half Ironman or Ironman Triathlon Event:

Since these events are so much longer than even a standard marathon event it is important to get a little more in the belly before getting started and include more protein.  I usually suggest starting a pre-race nutrition routine the day before by eating small amounts of high-carbohydrate, low-fiber foods all through the day and sipping on electrolyte water to make sure my muscles are saturated.  Four to five hours before the event I consume 250-350 calories of an easily digested low-fiber carbohydrate rich foods with some protein (ratio: 1 gram protein to 4 grams of carb) every hour on the hour before the event.  Yes, this means you will have to set your alarm and get up early and sometimes when you are nervous it can be hard to eat, but it’s important to eat anyway.  Again only use low-fiber foods (you don’t want to need to use the toilet during the event).  Other food suggestions are; toast, bagel, rice, PB & Honey sandwich, banana, a small amount of salted nuts, pasta, granola bar, sweet potato, juice, protein drink (Ensure is popular and used by many Ironman athletes) etc. Wash foods down with a little electrolyte water.  Also, I find most do better to avoid too much dairy or artificial sweeteners before events.   Be sure and plan out your nutrition details to consume during your event too.  Proper timing and cellular hydration during the event is key to avoid bonking.

Happy Racing,

Coach Lora Erickson

To learn more about nutrition take the Endurance Nutrition Class. Click to learn more


Coach Lora Erickson is a USATF certified running coach and nationally ranked triathlete with over 28 years of athletic experience.  She loves to work with beginners and offers a variety of health classes and private or team coached programs for all levels.   To learn more contact her directly at or visit

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