Amazing Karate Chick

Need some inspiration.  This chick is amazing.  She has great flexibility, strength and control.  Amazing! Enjoy.

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My Son Made This Commercial

My son made this little video for me. He couldn’t find a swimmer or cyclist but I think it turned out great! Thanks Scott!
aka Coach Lora Erickson “Blonde Runner”

The Cover of Runner’s World – I need your vote

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Help get me on the cover of Runner’s World. I need your vote! You can vote once per day.

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Coping with Emotional Eating Class

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Blonde Runner Coping Emotional Eating 8.4

This class will cover all aspects of combating emotional eating and how to better take control of your health. Learn how to eat to lean up your body. It might be easier than you think. A date has not yet been set for this class. If you are interested in attending please message Coach Lora Erickson directly at so more information can be provided as it becomes available.

I love Children’s Dentistry – Mark Nelson

My kids love the go to the dentist – thanks to Mark Nelson and his friendly staff. Health teeth are so important to overall health. Check out what I had to say.
Coach Lora Erickson

They have also been a great support to my Race For Grief event! They are some wonderful people!

Looking for some good recipes?

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Some of these need to be modified – but it’s a good start. I love food!
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Delete Cookies

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delete cookies

Triathlon Training & Endurance Sports Nutrition Class

Coach Lora Erickson Blonde Runner smile bike

Triathlon Training &

Endurance Sports Nutrition Class

Wed. July 16

6 – 7:30 p.m.

The class will cover all the essential components of effective triathlon training & endurance nutrition including:

Swim & Cycling Skills

Efficient Running

Transition Tips

Daily Nutrition Essentials

Race-day & Recovery Nutrition

Pre-registration is required to reserve a spot, email Coach Lora Erickson at to make arrangements to pay the class fee in person to hold a spot.

About the Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner:  Coach Lora is a USATF certified running & triathlon coach with over 29 years of athletic experience.  She is a nationally ranked triathlete and founder, organizer and coach of Team Blonde Runner (TBR), a fully coached adult triathlon coed training team in Northern Utah.  Coach Lora is also the race director for the event.  To learn more visit


What are people saying about Blonde Runner classes?

“Thank you so much!  You are a fantastic coach. I know I have a ton to work on but to be completely honest, I’m so excited right now. My perspective has completely changed from I just have to get through the swim to I think I can do it well. I’m looking forward to this new sport and excited to train. Thanks for making it fun! And understandable!  You are great!”  ~ J. H., swim instruction participant

“I want to thank you for your help. I learned much from your nutrition and running form class over the last month. Without the proper training I came within six minutes of my goal time and was back running within a couple of days. Thank you for the tips and willing to share your knowledge with those of us just starting this running adventure.”  ~ Doug S., class participant

“Swimming has always been the weakest part of my triathlons, so I jumped at the chance to join Coach Lora’s swim clinic.  She gave me some specific pointers right away, and I immediately felt a difference.  She took video footage of me from multiple angles, and when we got together the next week to review, I was able to really understand what she was talking about.  There are so many technical aspects involved in swimming, but Coach has been incredibly patient with me (helping me be patient with myself!), and helped me to focus on one at a time until I can start combining them. I especially appreciate how well she explains ideas and techniques–trying many different directions until I finally figured out which one clicked for me. That “Aha!” moment was worth every penny spent and every minute in the water.”  ~ Melanie M.

“Thank you so much for the running form class. I took away alot of new ideas and I definitely think it is helping to improve the way that I run.”  ~ Kristy M., class participant

“Coach Lora, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts and your emails. You are a fantastic motivator!” ~ Becca C., Facebook fan and class participant

Visit the Blonde Runner Health Facebook page

“Just want you to know that I am super excited about my running these past couple of weeks. I think the running form analysis has really helped me. I can’t wait to learn more. Thank you for your help!”  ~ Marie E.  – Individual Running Form Analysis participant

Learn More


Product Review: Drink Cocogo


I am always on the look-out for useful products to utilize in my training and was introduced to this great product by a participant in a running program I was coaching a little while ago.  Cocogo is an on-the-go Real Fruit Hydration packet made from real fruit and coconut water.  In the last several years I have really noticed there has been a lot of hype around rehydrating with coconut water and there is a lot of good evidence to suggest that it works – so this product peaked my interest to give this product a try.  I have been using Cocogo product for a while now and find that I seem to hydrate better with it.  I also really like the flavor variety.  They offer Lemon-Lime, Raspberry Passion Fruit & Grape.  Grape is my favorite.  I love the taste and the true test of any product is the taste it leaves in your mouth after, and this passes the test; no strange aftertaste.  It’s refreshing too and gentle on the stomach.  Some flavor beverages seem heavy but I think because this is made with real fruit it’s not like that.  It’s also gluten free, low calorie and all natural and a great source of many vitamins including; D3, Vitamin C and many B vitamins including B12 (from natural methylcobalamin).  FYI Vitamin B12 helps keep the nerves and blood cells healthy, if you don’t get enough you will feel tired and weak.   This product is higher in other electrolytes like calcium, magnesium and potassium as well.  Bottom line; less cramping.  You should give it a try.  I always try to take care of my peeps so I have secured a discount for you.

Use the code

BLONDERUNNER (in all caps)

to save 40% (until Aug. 15, 2014, 10% after).


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