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Sweethearts 5K & Kids K at the South Davis Recreation Center

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2013 Reg LogoWho’s taking on the Sweethearts 5K (or kids k) at the South Davis Recreation Center on Feb. 13, 2016…just a little over 9 weeks away?  Use the code BRSWEET16 to save $5


The Dirt Track: The Day A Distance Runner Was Born

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Blonde Runner Lora Heyl Elementry SchoolAs a typical elementary school child I remember looking forward to recess, lunch, art and PE. PE was by far my favorite time at school!  It was clear my physical education teacher, Mr. Hunt, loved his job and inspired me to want to be a PE teacher (I ended up being a coach, close enough).  He always challenged us in new ways and I remember when he introduced the Presidential Fitness Challenge.  This is when my athletic abilities started to shine, a needed confidence boost at that time in my life.  (I believe to this day I still hold the elementary school record for the most sit-ups and push-ups in a minute).  Even at a young age I strived to do my best and knew how to push myself.

On occasion we would have the opportunity to run. He would take us all the way across the patchy grass field to the far side of the dirt track and we’d line up for hundred-meter sprints.  We’d keep racing each other until it came down to the final battle with the two fastest runners going head to head.  I am pleased to say I was almost always one of them.  It usually came down to me and the fastest boy, or on occasion a fast girl.  Most of the time I won that 100 meter sprint.  I loved the feeling of the wind in my blonde hair and pushing my lungs and legs until they burned.  One day after completing our “sprint wars” Mr. Hunt informed us that we would be doing a race all-the-way-around the 400 meter dirt track.  In those days and at that age we all thought that was really far.  I remember being excited and up for the challenge.  As I toed the shoe-drawn dirt line, I distinctly remember telling myself to not start in a sprint because I had a long way to go and I wanted to save the sprint for the end.  I started out at what I thought was a conservative pace. As I rounded the first bend I immediately took the lead and never looked back.  It was definitely more difficult than the 100 meter run but I finished in a full on sprint loving every minute of it.  As I crossed the finish line that day, I turned around to see which one of my friends would finish next.  To my surprise everyone was far behind.  It was in that moment, so many years ago on that dirt track, that I discovered I had something special.  I was a fast runner.  Even though it was a small moment, that was a very needed victory in my life at that time.  That was the day that the distance runner in me was born.

Run United 5K Event in Bountiful

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RunUnitedWeb1I love to get involved in great causes and I believe this race is that. Please support this local charity 5K event to benefit Operation Underground Railroad (  Here’s the story; Tim Ballard is ex-CIA and was in the child crimes division there but left to continue his work on his own.  He found that when he was saving kids in the government program, he had to leave the non-American children behind.  But on his own, he isn’t restricted by government bureaucracy and actually coordinates with foreign governments before they go in to save these kids…and can rescue ALL of them (not just Americans) from human trafficking.  More information can be found on The race will take place on Saturday Dec. 5th in Bountiful. Join in this great cause: Learn More

Thanksgiving Races: Win a free spot!

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 Come join in this fun family tradition!
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Win a spot in the South Davis Recreation Center’s Thanksgiving Day races! Click to learn more

Posted by Blonde Runner Health LLC on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ironman Maryland Race Report

October 17, 2015


What an amazing journey! After training all year to participate in the Ironman event in Maryland, I was devastated to find out that it was being cancelled due to Hurricane Joaquin. But I was absolutely thrilled when they rescheduled for two weeks later (unheard of and never done before by WTC – we were making history here!). It was still possible for me to attend so I made all travel arrangements to go. I was super excited to have the opportunity to meet my goals.

On race morning, the weather was cold (46 degrees and windy! With the wind-chill factor it felt like 36°). Because of the high winds they decided to postpone the swim another 30 minutes and shorten it to 1.2 miles (half the normal distance) to allow the wind to die down. The new start time was scheduled for 7:30 A.M. The news was a bit of a downer as we had already been nervously anticipating the start with our goggles and caps in hand in the frigid temperatures seeking shelter behind the gear bag trucks etc…this would mean we would have to wait another half hour! There was a lot of nervous energy in the crowd but overall we supported the decision as safety is top priority. After a while the wind died down so they decided to increase the swim to make it 3000 meters and change to a double loop triangle instead of a rectangle route. Not too much later a young voice sang the national anthem and the horn sounded to start the first swimmers. We were all excited to start our journey. Even with the rolling start the swim was crowded and stayed crowded the entire swim which made me nervous as I’ve been hit hard on the swim before so I slowed and just tried to avoid people. It was still really choppy with big waves and I swallowed a lot of salt water. Overall the swim was really slow for me but I was happy to exit the water safe and be on solid ground again.


The air temperature was noticeably colder than the water and I know the wind would make it even colder so I decided to take the extra time to put my knee warmers, arm warmers, beanie and gloves on in transition. I am glad I did! It was cold and very windy on the ride.


I wrecked early on at one of the aid stations as I tried to open a water bottle with my teeth. It still had the seal on it when they handed it to me. Normally they have them open for us but this one wasn’t. As I was filling my Speedfill bottle with one hand and the other on the breaks, another rider slowed in front of me causing me to break one handed and I lost control and t-boned a tire on a bicycle that was attached to the back of a parked vehicle; clearly a fellow triathlete volunteer’s (sorry about that!) It saved my bacon. I had to put my chain on and adjust my gears, and it shock me up a bit. My gloves and arm warmers kept me from losing too much skin. My hand and arm was a bit swollen and hurt some, but other wise not too bad.  It could have been much worse! I hopped on my bike and went on my way hoping I didn’t screw anything up too bad.

Everything seemed okay so I tried to shake it off and get back in a good groove. I seem to pass a lot of people on the bike and tried to push myself even though it was very windy. It seems that I made up some ground from my poor swim; the problem was I was feeling the effects of swallowing too much salt water so I had a hard time stomaching all my planned nutrition and was coping with waves of nausea. About mile 40 the wind really started to pick up and it didn’t seem to let up no mater the direct we turned. It was relentless! It kept on blowing and blowing. The last 20 miles or so were brutal gusty winds and cold! I am fairly light weight so it was really blowing me around and made me nervous so I slowed. Periodically there was some traffic which still makes me really nervous as I am still getting over riding anxieties from being hit by the truck. I figure it was better for me to be safe and not have another wipe out. So much for making up a lot of time. I was happy to get off the bike with no flat tire issues as I saw many on the road fixing flats. I am so glad I wasn’t one of them. I am not sure my hands would have worked to do it in the cold! As I entered transition I knew it would take me a while to get through it. Normally they have volunteers you hand your bike to and they rack it for you but because of the reschedule they were low on volunteers so we had to rack our bikes ourselves which takes more time adding to an already long day. My bike was situated so I had to run the whole length of transition twice with my bike but I trucked through as I was excited to get to the run (my favorite!).

The run started off into a significant headwind but overall I felt pretty good and my legs were responding well. I was happy to be running. I tried to keep a steady effort despite the windy and cold conditions. I was happy to have my arm warmers on and wore my hat backwards to keep some heat in and offer some sun protection without losing it in the wind. I have light blonde hair so my head and skin burns easily (the don’t call me “blonde runner” for nothing – lol). I am happy to report I did not have any sunburn. Yea for sunscreen and protective clothes!


The first 10 or 11 miles of the run I felt pretty good overall but could start feeling my left knee, the one I had surgery on from the accident. I was hoping to make it to the half marathon before it bothered me as I have been having problems with it and my left hip in training. I knew this was a possibility and mentally plan to just maintain good form and keep moving forward. My pace did slow but I was able to meet my goal running my first half marathon in close to two hours.

I slowed quite a bit on the second half of the marathon due to knee pain. The wind and cold contributed but I think my lack of nutrition on the bike was starting to catch up with me and that salt water intake on the swim ultimately cost me some run time.  Despite everything I kept moving forward and tried to soak in the experience. I was doing a Ironman in Maryland! I was so glad they didn’t cancel again even with the severe wind and cold! I knew I would complete my goal today. I was going to be an Ironman! My spirits were up.

backside run

The last half hour of the run it was starting to get dark so it was a bit hard to see and part of the route was in town which was really cool with lots of spectators cheering but the brick road was uneven so I tried to be careful with my footing and had to slow. I certainly didn’t want to trip and if you’ve ever seen me run you know I don’t run with a lot of spare clearance over the ground. I tried to pick up those tired legs more. I was happy to make that final turn and be running towards the finish. What an amazing feeling to run down that finish chute and accomplish a goal that I set out to do so many years ago! I was thrilled to hear Mike Reilly announce my name over the loud speaker! I was a freaking Ironman! I did it!  My time was 11:40:27, 13 place in my division and 65 OA female, 374 OV finisher.  Not too shabby for a first and not being 100% going into it.  I know a lot of people were pulled off course due to hypothermia etc, but I am glad I made it through.

Finish pictures arm up Lora Erickson IMMD

I really appreciate all my family, friends and sponsors support. You make this all possible for me, I can’t thank you enough! I also wanted to give a special shout out to the volunteers and my husband that came to support me and weathered those tough conditions with us! Thank you!

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If you are curious if I would like to do another one, the answer would be YES!  Immediately after finishing I wanted to do another one; just ask my hubby, he was there! (Thanks for all the pictures babe)! I guess you can say I am hooked!

Race Report: Original Periscope Broadcast (Oct. 23, 2015)

Salt Lake City Races – Discount Code

IG postOne of my absolute favorite races that I did this year was the Salt Lake Half Marathon in April.  It was well organized, marked well and just fun!  I love big races because you always have someone to run with.  Come join in the fun next year – they also have other race distance options.  Use the code blonderunnerslc16 to save $5, be sure and choose me from the ambassador list (Blonde Runner – Lora Erickson).  Prices go up tomorrow at midnight.  Come join in the fun!

Bear Lake Brawl – Triathlon Discount Code

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full picture with tiffLooking for some great triathlons?  Check out the Bear Lake Brawl.  I have done many of these races distances and love the brawl!

Use the code BLNDRUN5 and save $$

Learn more:

Ironman Maryland

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Ironman Maryland!
Here’s my periscope broadcast announcing the IM Maryland for those that might be interested in my thoughts on it. (If you are new to periscope – comments/questions can pop up on the screen while you broadcast, but they are not visible in this YouTube replay. People also can give you hearts if they like what you are saying – also not visible on the replay.)

I am excited to announce I will be participating in my first Ironman 140.6 event in Maryland on Saturday October 3. Track me live on This is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride followed by a 26.2 mile marathon. I have been training well and am excited to compete. The race is just over five weeks away! It will be just about one-year after I was hit by the truck on my bicycle. It has been a challenging year but I am so grateful to the friends, family and sponsors support I have received. You are ALL amazing! Your support means the world to me. Miracles do happen #IMMD #Ironman #triathlon #swimbikerun #itsgettingreal #140.6 @ironman #blonderunner #athlete #bestself #iamstrong #support #cheer #miracles #believe #journey #dowhatyoulove ❤️ Thank you sponsors! @intermountain @wasatchrunning @champsys #beyourownbrand #champsys @wasatchrunning @bountifulbicycle @xterrawetsuits #beboldhavefun @drinkcocogo @_malibu_c #eleteaddin #athlete #running #triathlon @fuel_100 @electrobites #yournextmileisonus

Race Report: Vikingman Half Distance 70.3 – 1st Place Division, 2nd Overall Female

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Here’s my periscope broadcast talking about my race experience (If you are new to periscope – comments/questions can pop up on the screen while you broadcast, but they are not visible in this YouTube replay. People also can give you hearts if they like what you are saying – also not visible on the replay.)
Coach Lora’s first periscope broadcast on August 24, 2015:

Vikingman Half Triathlon Distance – 70.3 – 1.2 mile swim 🏊🏻 56 mile bike (I think it was a little longer) 🚴 13.1 mile run (this was a bit long according to my GPS watch too!)🏃💕
First Place Division. Second overall female. Not to shabby for all the wind and holding a bottle for 26 miles on the bike because my aero cage rattled loose #bumpyroads #triathleteproblems #windy Fun with the Iron Cowboys wingmen too #sofun #lovetheseguys #vikingman #race #bucketlist #checkoff #triathlon #camping #familyfun #ironmantraining #immaryland USATsanctioned #ironcowboy ❤️Thank you to my friends, family and sponsors! Your support is so appreciated! #blonderunner #athlete @intermountain @wasatchrunning @champsys #beyourownbrand #champsys @wasatchrunning @bountifulbicycle @xterrawetsuits #beboldhavefun @drinkcocogo @_malibu_c #eleteaddin #athlete #running #triathlon @fuel_100 @electrobites #yournextmileisonus
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