Fueling For Early Morning Runs

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Original periscope broadcast 11.24.2015
Correction. I meant to say 1-3 oz water/mile (not hour).


Run United 5K Event in Bountiful

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RunUnitedWeb1I love to get involved in great causes and I believe this race is that. Please support this local charity 5K event to benefit Operation Underground Railroad (ourrescue.org).  Here’s the story; Tim Ballard is ex-CIA and was in the child crimes division there but left to continue his work on his own.  He found that when he was saving kids in the government program, he had to leave the non-American children behind.  But on his own, he isn’t restricted by government bureaucracy and actually coordinates with foreign governments before they go in to save these kids…and can rescue ALL of them (not just Americans) from human trafficking.  More information can be found on rununited.org. The race will take place on Saturday Dec. 5th in Bountiful. Join in this great cause: Learn More

Video Clip: Indoor Cycling Tips

As the weather is getting cold, it’s time to set our bikes up indoor. Here are a few tips for getting yours set up.
Coach Lora Erickson

Original Periscope 11.18.2015

Winter Training

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Original periscope broadcast Nov. 10, 2015 (Twitter @blonderunner). Enjoy winter. Happy Training!
Coach Lora Erickson

Q & A: TriChat – first triathlon, wetsuits, openwater swimming, cycling classes

Original Periscope Broadcast Sept. 3, 2015
Coach Lora Erickson, BlondeRunner.com
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Race Day Nutrition for Marathons & Ironman Events

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Thanksgiving Races: Win a free spot!

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 Come join in this fun family tradition!
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Win a spot in the South Davis Recreation Center’s Thanksgiving Day races! Click to learn more

Posted by Blonde Runner Health LLC on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Funny Video Clip: Studio C – Aww Yeah!

studio C aww yeah shirt 10.30.2015

Our family loves Studio C. I especially think Mallory is hilarious! I just loved her recent “Aww Yeah!” sketch. My husband surprised me with this awesome T-shirt he made for me! I love it! You rock @Burlybhob #humor #awwyeah @studioctv @familyfriendlyhumor #teamerickson @remallory You are hilarious! Loved to see you rock Ragnar recently too #runningrocks

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Running in the Snow

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Running in the Snow

By Coach Lora Erickson, BlondeRunner.com

Winter is upon us and coming from Colorado I have been used to running in the cold and snow all my life. When I was in college running for Utah State University I remember welcoming a new girl to the team from Arizona. I was the team captain and often lead group runs deciding what route to take.  I remember one particular run we did; it was the first day that it snowed.  We were all excited to run in it, but this particular girl was a bit nervous.  Coming from Arizona she had never run in snow before so I decided to have our run go in and out of the campus buildings so we only had to run on slick surfaces half the time.  After a few slip-and-falls around corners; she was getting the hang of this snow running.  She realized she couldn’t take corners way fast (she was a fast middle distance runner specializing in the 800 meters so SLOW was a new concept). Similarly I often do snow runs for my triathlon team athletes and found many of them were new to snow running too.  This was a surprised to me at first, as I have always been an outdoor runner all year.  Cold temperatures and snowy conditions to some means indoor running on a treadmill.  Being an exploring/adventurous nature-type person I find it difficult to run indoors so I opt for running outdoors in any weather.  Because I primarily train for racing I justify outdoor running because I like to train like I race and what races are run indoor? Right?!  Running form is also different on a treadmill.

I have found that running in the snow is a great workout, especially if it’s deep snow. You really have to drive your knees up to get over the snow! This also drives up your heart rate and is an amazing workout.  You become sore in places you don’t normally get sore.  It is also great to develop ankle strength and makes you a more durable athlete.  I rarely use shoe spikes or other things for traction but find trail shoes with short gaiters provide the traction I need and are more water proof and keep my feet drier.  Other things you might consider while running outdoors in colder temperatures is a headband that covers your ears and gloves or mittens.  Generally I wear running tights and a double layer on the top and on occasion I will wear a light jacket.  It’s usually best to dress in layers so if you get too hot or cold, you can adjust.  Remember to dress 10 degrees cooler since you put off heat as you exercise.  Running is a great sport to enjoy all year.  Remember to take the corners slow and you should remain upright. If you want to learn more about trail and snow running come join me for a class. Learn More Happy Running!

Coach Lora Erickson

“Blonde Runner”

About the Author:

Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner has been a competitive runner for over 30 years, she is also a top level triathlete. She is a USATF running coach, USA Triathlon Coach & US Masters Certified Swim Coach. She has been coaching for over 19 years and loves to work with all level of athletes, especially beginners.  To learn more about her classes or programs visit BlondeRunner.com

How to take apart and box your bike for travel and reassemble

Taking apart and putting a bike back together doesn’t need to be intimidating.  I used to be nervous to do it but not anymore.  I have learned how to do it and wanted to share my knowledge with you.  Feel free to print out these tips and put them in your bag when you travel to help you.

Happy & Safe Travels!

Coach Lora Erickson


bike bag bike insideBefore I start, I like to remove the saddle bag, bento box, bike computer and get the chain in the smallest cog in back (this will make it easier to take off the back tire). You will also want to deflate your tires.

  1. Remove Pedals with a wrench – right is right, left is wrong (make sure to take the wrench and pedals with you on the plane – carry on )
  2. Remove Saddle – Be sure and mark a line with silver sharpie where it goes
  3. Remove the handlebars and tape them to your bike (I like to use blue painters tape. It’s easy to rip and leaves no residue. Be sure and take a roll so you can use it when you bike your box back up to go home)
  4. Remove the front & back tire. Bag the skewers and take with you on the plane
  5. Remove rear derailleur and bubble wrap it or put it in a padded bag. I also like to wrap the chain to mainstay to keep it from bobbling around.
  6. Bag your wheels (make sure the air is out)
  7. Pack box by filling the void spaces with bubble wrap.

How to put your bike back together to race

  1. Unwrap everything
  2. Reattach rear derailleur
  3. Replace skewers and wheels (I like to to the back first, then put the front one on after I get the Handle bars back on). See my video on Fixing a Flat with CO2 to see how to put the back wheel on.       (I will post a link when this video is made)
  4. Replace handlebars
  5. Replace saddle
  6. Pump-up tires and make sure everything is working (breaks, no rubbing etc…)
  7. Replace pedals (remember the right is right and the left is wrong)
  8. Replace saddle bag/bento box, bike computer
  9. Take it for a ride and make adjustments as needed.
  10. Have fun at your race!

bike back together


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