Easing Into Running with The 10% Rule

Avoiding Running Injuries

As a running coach I see a lot of injury is this time of year.  Many people that run inside on treadmills are now starting to head outdoors as the weather gets warmer and often don’t allow enough time for the body to adjust to the rigors of outdoor running.
Running on a treadmill is different than running outside; Most would consider running outdoors harder. Either way your body will need to adapt to the changes.  I suggest decreasing your miles by 10% for two weeks to allow your body to adjust. Then start increasing the mileage again. Always make sure your shoes are not worn out. The cushioning that a treadmill offers can often mask dead shoes. Concrete and asphalt is not so forgiving. Most quality running shoes will give you between 300 to 500 miles.  Always be sure to replace your shoes when they are worn.  Wishing you a lot of sunny enjoyable runs this spring.
Live Well,
Coach Lora

About the author:  Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner is a running and triathlon coach that specializes in endurance sports, injury prevention and weight loss.  Coach Lora offers a variety of individual, group and community classes and programs. To learn more visit BlondeRunner.com

Running Form Class

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Coach Lora Erickson CS Warmup Run 8.17.2012The next Running Form Class will be offered in March or April 2015. This class will go through all elements needed relating to form that can make you a faster runner, you will also get feedback on your particular form. The class is part lecture and part running (nothing rigorous – just some drills).  I am taking names for those who would like to attend. To reserve a spot in the one-hour class I do require prepayment. The class will be held on a weekday evening in the Davis County Area – exact date and time TBD. This is a popular class and fills quickly.  If you’d like to get on the waiting list for the next class please message me, Coach Lora Erickson at theblonderunner@gmail.com
Happy Running,
Coach Lora

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Endurance Sports Show – Run Faster

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I am exciting to be presenting a running class (description below) at the Endurance Sports Show!  This is an exciting two day event with tons of booths, lectures and giveaways etc.. I would love to see you there!  Here’s my lecture information:

Topic:  Run Faster

Saturday Feb. 21 from 11 – 11:50 a.m. 

183972_185617361477662_3502539_nPresenter:  Lora Erickson, The Blonde Runner

Description:  Everyone wants to be able to shave a few minutes off their 5K or 10K, Lora will discuss how to increase your speed in running, while avoiding injury.

You can pre-registered for the class and reserve your spot here.  There is no cost for the class but you will need to pay to get in the event $7 (on-line) $10 at the door.

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My class will take place right after the free 5K starting at 10 a.m.  Learn more about all they have going at EnduranceSportsShow.com

Avocado Sandwiches and Pit Removal

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Don’t live in Northern Utah?  No problem, on-line coaching is available.

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Video Introduction: Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself on video for those that haven’t met me in person or live in other states. This is my first video blog, but I plan to do many more and share tips and information about health, fitness, nutrition, running and my triathlon journey with you.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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Blonde Runner & Athleta on Good Morning Utah – ABC4 TV


I am excited to announce that I will be appearing on Good Morning Utah – ABC4 TV  on Friday morning. I will be promoting the Winter Running Clinic with Athleta – City Creek. The program goes from 6:10-7 a.m. on Friday January 2nd so we will be on sometime in there. I hope you will all tune in and help us get the year started out on the right foot.

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Winter Running Clinic at Athleta – City Creek

athleta 12.29.2014

#snow #running I forgot how much fun it is to run in the snow. I don’t know about you but running sure brings clarity to me in my life. “Running is a lot like meditation, you get a sense of seeing your life and putting some order to it” Thanks for the great outfit @citycreekathleta I look forward to presenting the Winter Running Clinic on January 3rd, 8:30 – 10 a.m.  There is no cost for this event.  Join us.

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Coach Lora Erickson


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