Product Review: Audio Underwater Swimbuds Sport Headphones

Coach Lora Erickson swimbudsI was super excited to try my new underwater iPod and Swimbuds Sport Headphones today in the pool. As a triathlete I always look forward to running with my music when I train so I really looked forward to this workout in the pool with music – can you believe it?! On occasion the water aerobics class will have some music that’s enjoyable but more often than not the “elevator music” doesn’t get me pumped up like my own music would. I’m a big pop fan. I also like new country and some of the 90s rock. Yep – I pretty much love my teenagers music. There is just something about rhythmic music that makes exercise more enjoyable for me. At first I was a little nervous to put the iPod and Swimbuds Sport Headphones in the water because it’s sort-of unbelievable that they could be waterproof; but the fact is they are and I was able to listen to my tunes while swimming today! This is a first for me. I loved it! This has just increased my desire to want to swim more often. I now can enjoy my favorite Taylor Swift tunes while I swim! The audio was really clear on these high quality headphones too.

If you struggle with wanting to get to the pool or if you just want to have some tunes to work out with I would highly suggest getting one of these. I still can’t believe its waterproof as it looks like a regular iPod!
Bonus: The headphones act like ear plugs too so they keep the water out of your ears. So if you use earplugs anyway then why not listen to music too?triharder audio
I could also see this being a good training tool, especially if you use songs with the right cadence, or you can get creative with your workouts and push yourself or do a drill until the end of the song. I could also see these being useful for wet rainy or snowy weather for running (I am sure that Ogden Marathoners would have appreciated them this last weekend).
Training Tip: As a coach I like to tell my athletes to wear ear plugs if they tend to get dizzy or vertigo in the pool so this might be a good solution for them too!
Also if you tend to get headaches like me or be overly sensitive to the environment (often caused from concussions) this could be a good solution to controlling pool noise. Often when I swim it’s really noisy. This helps control that. Love it!
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Allow Time for Recovery – Video Clip

Since I am in the middle of a recovery week after my 70.3 I wanted to share some tips about Allowing Time For Recovery. Check it out (sorry about the birds – they were a little noisy this morning).
Coach Lora Erickson
USATF certified running coach, USAT certified triathlon coach
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How to get your wetsuit off – video demo

Watch Coach Lora demonstrate how to get a wetsuit off.
Need help in the water? 
Openwater and pool swimming lessons are available.  Contact Coach Lora Erickson at to check availability and pricing.

Underwater video analysis also available – Learn more

What is the extra hole on your running shoes for?

You might be wondering what that extra hole at the top of your running shoe is – this is what it’s used for if you want to “heel lock” your laces.  Be careful not to tie it too tightly or it will put a lot of pressure on the top of your ankle or foot. I also recommend a double tie. Check it out.

Coach Lora Erickson

Yasso 800s

Yasso 800’s are a classic workout that I suggest for those trying to determine a potential marathon pace.  Build up to 10 x 800 repeats at your goal pace (ie.  if you want to run a 3:30 marathon then 3 min. 30 would be your interval time for each 800) with a 400 meter jog recovery between.  Happy Training!

Coach Lora Erickson

Blonde Runner partnering with Malibu C

malibu swim shampoo miracle repairMalibu C is a product I have been using for many years now; I remember the tall white bottle I used in High School and great smell of the product.  It still smells just as great today and I still love this product!  As a true blonde and a triathlete I have sensitive skin and fine-thin blonde hair so I really like to give it all the help I can to stay healthy and get the harsh chemicals off from hard water at the pool.  I remember as a little girl my younger sister really loved to swim, she pretty much lived in her little orange bikini swimming suit all summer long and we’d fill up the small collapsible pool in the backyard with the hose and swim around for hours in circles occasionally taking a break to eat a Popsicle.  We often had green hair from the copper and other minerals found in the water that would just cling to our hair making it look green.  Regular shampoo just didn’t get those minerals off but Malibu C does.  It really works!  Too bad we didn’t discover Malibu C sooner – no green hair!

As an active runner and triathlete I am constantly exposed to the sun.  Sun is an oxidizer which can damage the hair and skin so the antioxidant vitamins found in Malibu C products can clear up free radicals and restore the texture of the hair.  Malibu-C is also a vegan product so they don’t test on animals.  As an added bonus – it’s made in the USA.  They also have a skin care line, all designed to normalize hair and offset harsh chemicals (no more itchy pool skin!).  If you are as active as me you will want to look into this product!

This company also believes in and supports me as an athlete and I am pleased to be partnering with them.  A portion of every purchase made from my portable page will help fund my training and travel expenses and help me achieve my athletic goals.  I really appreciate all those that support me.  I couldn’t do it without you!

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Blonde Runner Tips: The Importance of Mental Training

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I think preparing mentally for races is really important and I shared the mantra I used in the Half Marathon I ran this weekend in my Race Report. Here are some tips or things to consider when mentally preparing for races.

Coach Lora Erickson

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Underwater Video Swim Analysis

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underwater swim analysisThe next Underwater Video Analysis will be offered April 22 in the late evening. Message Coach Lora Erickson directly at to learn how to reserve your spot. Limited space. Learn more

Join us at the Front Runner Metric Century (62 miles)

front runner

For the last many years I have participated in the Front Runner Metric Century. I love it! This is a great point-to-point race starting in Salt Lake City and end at the Ogden Union Station. After the race you ride the Front Runner Train back to the start – so it’s unique and fun! Last year ended up being wet and cold but I loved the challenge and finished frozen to my bike. Thank goodness the Race Directors opened up their van to us and we had the heat on full blast. Despite the dismal conditions last year I will be back again this year on April 25th! This is simply a well-marked, very well organized event that I love to support! They also have great volunteers and a great food selection at the aide stations. It’s also fun to do with with family and friends! I will be doing it this year with the team I coach. Go Team Blonde Runner – TBR! ( Use the code TBR2015 and save $10. See you there!

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  Come join the fun! Learn more and get REGISTERED

Uptown Funk Treadmill Workout

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This looks like a blast!  I’m gonna have to try it – I admit, I dance on the treadmill a bit.  Yep, at the gym with everyone around.  I have no shame.  LOL

Coach Lora Erickson

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