Blonde Runner partnering with Malibu C

malibu swim shampoo miracle repairMalibu C is a product I have been using for many years now; I remember the tall white bottle I used in High School and great smell of the product.  It still smells just as great today and I still love this product!  As a true blonde and a triathlete I have sensitive skin and fine-thin blonde hair so I really like to give it all the help I can to stay healthy and get the harsh chemicals off from hard water at the pool.  I remember as a little girl my younger sister really loved to swim, she pretty much lived in her little orange bikini swimming suit all summer long and we’d fill up the small collapsible pool in the backyard with the hose and swim around for hours in circles occasionally taking a break to eat a Popsicle.  We often had green hair from the copper and other minerals found in the water that would just cling to our hair making it look green.  Regular shampoo just didn’t get those minerals off but Malibu C does.  It really works!  Too bad we didn’t discover Malibu C sooner – no green hair!

As an active runner and triathlete I am constantly exposed to the sun.  Sun is an oxidizer which can damage the hair and skin so the antioxidant vitamins found in Malibu C products can clear up free radicals and restore the texture of the hair.  Malibu-C is also a vegan product so they don’t test on animals.  As an added bonus – it’s made in the USA.  They also have a skin care line, all designed to normalize hair and offset harsh chemicals (no more itchy pool skin!).  If you are as active as me you will want to look into this product!

This company also believes in and supports me as an athlete and I am pleased to be partnering with them.  A portion of every purchase made from my portable page will help fund my training and travel expenses and help me achieve my athletic goals.  I really appreciate all those that support me.  I couldn’t do it without you!

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Blonde Runner Tips: The Importance of Mental Training

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I think preparing mentally for races is really important and I shared the mantra I used in the Half Marathon I ran this weekend in my Race Report. Here are some tips or things to consider when mentally preparing for races.

Coach Lora Erickson

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Underwater Video Swim Analysis

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underwater swim analysisThe next Underwater Video Analysis will be offered April 22 in the late evening. Message Coach Lora Erickson directly at to learn how to reserve your spot. Limited space. Learn more

Join us at the Front Runner Metric Century (62 miles)

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For the last many years I have participated in the Front Runner Metric Century. I love it! This is a great point-to-point race starting in Salt Lake City and end at the Ogden Union Station. After the race you ride the Front Runner Train back to the start – so it’s unique and fun! Last year ended up being wet and cold but I loved the challenge and finished frozen to my bike. Thank goodness the Race Directors opened up their van to us and we had the heat on full blast. Despite the dismal conditions last year I will be back again this year on April 25th! This is simply a well-marked, very well organized event that I love to support! They also have great volunteers and a great food selection at the aide stations. It’s also fun to do with with family and friends! I will be doing it this year with the team I coach. Go Team Blonde Runner – TBR! ( Use the code TBR2015 and save $10. See you there!

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  Come join the fun! Learn more and get REGISTERED

Uptown Funk Treadmill Workout

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This looks like a blast!  I’m gonna have to try it – I admit, I dance on the treadmill a bit.  Yep, at the gym with everyone around.  I have no shame.  LOL

Coach Lora Erickson

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20% off Tracer 360

These are the BEST vests. Tracer 360 makes you much more visible and they are comfortable! Thanks for visiting and enjoy 20% off your order. Safety first! Perfect for kids too!
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Core Workout to Beyonce

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This is awesome! I love it! Holy core! Click to watch
Coach Lora Erickson

Awesome Funky Core Routine

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If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s awesome!  Great core routine! Click to view
Coach Lora Erickson

Teaming Up with Intermountain Sports Medicine Specialty Group

I am super excited to announce my newest sponsor.  The Intermountain Sports Medicine Specialty Group and I will be teaming up to help you get healthy.  They offer a large array of services for all level of athletes, from the very beginner to the elite.  I feel honored to be supported as an athlete by such an amazing organization.  I have personally benefited from the great services they offer and refer all my athletes to them.  They have top notch medical care with board certified physicians, fellowship trained in Sports Medicine.  I love that they provide non-surgical treatment for pain and injury to get athletes back out there training as quickly as possible so they can enjoy an active lifestyle. They also offer medical services and have many offices in Northern Utah including;  Salt Lake City, Bountiful, TOSH- Murray, Alta View, and Riverton

I have recently had the privilege of touring the LiVe Well Center at the Salt Lake Clinic.  What an amazing resource!  Many of their facilities offer valuable assessments including:

Body Composition & Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing

Lactate Assessment or Vo2Max Testing

Musculoskeletal Functional Analysis

Bike Fit & Testing

Diet & Nutrition Education

Exercise & Physical Therapy Services

Running Analysis

As a coach, I love to have my athletes take advantage of assessments like this. Simply the information provided from these assessments helps me coach my athletes better.  If you are looking to become a better athlete I highly recommend you check into all the services Intermountain Sports Medicine has to offer.  I have participated in many of these assessments myself and will be sharing more information about them on my YouTube account at The Blonde Runner in the coming months – stay tuned!

I am looking forward to an amazing year and partnership with Intermountain!

Coach Lora Erickson

Pull-Up Demo with Coach Lora Erickson

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Pull-ups are a great classic exercise. Coach Lora Erickson demonstrates palm up and palm down here.

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