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Want to get faster at the pool? Take Coach Lora Erickson’s small group swim class on Wed. April 30 at 9:15 p.m. Contact Coach Lora at to reserve your spot.

Eat Your Fruit – they are watching you

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Blonde Password Funny

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password blonde

Chocolate Counts As A Salad

10001309_10203317222161318_373627888_n This one is pretty funny.  Chocolate is yummy but so are real salads!

~ Coach Lora Erickson

Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Ways To Die.  My kids shared this with me and it’s pretty funny!  Catchy tune too! Selling both kidney’s on the internet is probably my favorite.  LOL.  Enjoy.

~ Coach Lora Erickson

Light Up Shoes To Run Faster

2ff9fec50a7a4d622d11ee87a9ef99b9Yep, this is pretty much my daughter.  LOL

~ Coach Lora Erickson

More Birthdays Live Longer

birthdays live longerBah ha ha ha!  Love it!  LOL

~ Coach Lora Erickson

Funny Cup of Soup at a Marathon

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LOL.  Let’s hope they don’t serve this at the next marathon.

~ Coach Lora Erickson

Funny Bicycle Video Clips

Let’s hope your cycling skills are a little better than these folks. LOL Enjoy.
~ Coach Lora Erickson

Funny Exercise Video Clips

This is pretty funny. Let’s hope you have had better experiences with exercise. Enjoy. LOL
~ Coach Lora Erickson

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