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Ironman All-World Athlete

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Question:How do I get rid of a side cramp while running?

Answer:Side cramps are common when a beginner is just starting out.Often the best way to prevent them is to ease into running by a proper warm up such as walking.It is also important to strengthen the core muscles (abs, back etc…) to support your insides while running.It is possible that the side “stitch” may be caused from a cramp in the diaphragm, gas in the intestines or food in the stomach; so take note of your behavior surrounding running and make changes accordingly.

While experiencing a side stitch you may resolve it by slowing down and putting your hands on your head.Another remedy is to push your fingers deep into the torso on the effected side while bending over and breathing out.If nothing seems to work, then stop and walk until the pain disappears.If the problem persists I would suggest seeing a doctor.

Question:How can I sign up for a class or program?

Answer:For most classes registration can be done by calling Lora Erickson directly at 801-608-5516 or by emailing theblonderunner@gmail.com .On-line registration is available for some classes.

Click here for a current list of Community Health Classes.

Question:  Do you have a newsletter?

Answer:  Yes.  Click to subscribe 

Question:How can I or my company become a partner or sponsor?

Answer:There are many benefits to sponsoring including advertising, social media and newsletter highlights and word-of-mouth marketing.If you are interested in sponsoring Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner, please contact her directly 801-608-5516 or theblonderunner@gmail.com directly.To learn more click here.

Question:I am a busy father/mother, who can’t seem to find time to exercise between work and family responsibilities, any suggestions?

Answer:Even small bouts of exercise can greatly impact your health.Start small, with some push ups in the morning, a walk after lunch at work or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Maybe shoot a few hoops with a friend.Try using a pedometer and increase your steps every day (the goal is 10,000 per day).Make healthier food choices watching portions and start packing your lunch avoid convenience foods.Remember – every little bit counts.  If you need help putting together a nutrition & exercise program, please contact Coach Lora.

Question:What if I am not a runner?Can I still join a program?

Answer:Yes.  You don’t have to be a runner or even want to be to join a program.Running is not required (unless you are on a running or triathlon program).All programs are custom built to fit each individual’s particular lifestyle, including activities they enjoy.Learn more about programs offered

Question:How should I breathe when I run?

Answer: Many people erroneously believe you should breathe in the nose and out the mouth.This simply doesn’t not allow enough air exchange as quickly as needed (unless you are going very slow).When I run I breathe in and out both my mouth and nose.I would also suggest improving lung capacity by practicing belly breathing throughout the day, when you are not running.This strengthens the diaphragm and can improve your ability to get sufficient air.

Question: I would like to lose about 28 pounds and would like to hire you, but I don’t live in your area. Can I still work with you?

Answer. Yes. I have worked with people all over the United States and have seen the success I have had with local clients. Currently I offer the Weight Loss Program and coaching (triathlon & running) services on-line.To sign up message me at theblonderunner@gmail.com

Question: I have tried every diet and have had no success, can you help me?

Answer:See the results for yourself!  What are people saying about Lora and her programs and classes?

Question:How can I eat healthy when I don’t like to cook?

Answer: I once heard a nationally known nutritionist say “you don’t have to be a good cook to eat healthy.” This is true.I often find some of the simplest meals are the most nutritious.Find a recipe.To learn more attend a Blonde Runner Cooking or Nutrition class.

Question:Do you do one-on-one consultation?

Answer:Yes, each program is custom built to help to obtain your desired results.  I believe in treating each of my clients as individuals – no two people are the same.  What works for one, may not work for another.

Question:I hear running is bad for your knees, is this true?

Answer:Doctors used to tell people with arthritis not to exercise because it was mistakenly believed to wear out joints, but now they know that exercise actually preserves joints.The problem with most people and knee injury is starting too much too soon.They simple don’t ease into running allowing the body to build up the muscles around the joints first.Start by alternating walking and running.Learn more.

Question:Why should I hire a personal trainer or coach?

Answer:As an experienced athlete who has benefited from knowledgeable coaches myself, I realize how valuable it is to have someone to answer questions and share experiences… sure you can learn from a book, but nobody learns what an orange tastes like by reading a book …they learn from tasting it!Even the best athletes have coaches.We all need support, accountability, motivation…. and someone to believe in us!

Question:I am a mother with small children, how can I find the time to exercise or join a program like yours?

Answer:Being a mother of four I understand how difficult and challenging it can be to fit in exercise and eating right, but I believe I am a better mother when I do.My programs are not going to consume your life, but are designed to help you do better and live a healthy lifestyle.Be the incredible fit mother you can be!Involve your family in your healthy life; there is no better way to teach children health habits than by example.  I do offer youth programs as well.

Question:I have heard that you coach a team.  How do I join your team?

Answer: Yes, I do offer team training programs for running and triathlon.  To join Team Blonde Runner visit www.TeamBlondeRunner.com and click on the team you are interested in (running or triathlons).  An application link is provided on the page.  These teams are personally coached by me.  I love to help people meet their athletic potential.

Question:I can’t afford a coach or personal trainer, but I need help, what can I do?

Answer:I realize that everyone can not afford a personal trainer or private coaching and that is why I offer Community Health Class.  They are inexpensive/affordable and packed with useful information from a credential professional.If you need more personalized attention than one-time consultation may be right for you.  It’s not as expensive as a full program, but it can still give you the specific feedback you need.  A little bit of money now can save on doctor bills later!Look at the expense as an investment in your health.  Really, what would you pay to look and feel the way you want to?

Question:How do I stay motivated?

Answer:Try something new and find inspiration in others.Volunteer to help with the special Olympic or other reputable mentoring program.Cross-training can be a helpful way to avoid injury and keep exercise interesting and challenging.Try a new fitness class at the gym or join a local running group or local triathlon group.  You can also hire me to keep you motivated.  Motivation is my middle name and I have been told my enthusiasm for health rubs off.  I love this stuff!

Question:How do I know if I am working out hard enough when I exercise?

Answer:Simply do the “talk-sing” test.If you can sing, you are not working hard enough.You should be able to talk in short sentences without gasping for air.A heart rate monitor is a great way to know if you are working out hard enough.Sometimes it is appropriate to not be able to talk when working at a very high intensity as some athletes do to improve aerobic capacity.You will want to vary the intensity based on your goals.

Question:Will you sponsor or help with a race?

Answer:Yes, I love to support races and health events!Just contact me at lora@blonderunner.com and I will see what I can do for you. I also offer Race Planning Consultation

Partners, Sponsors and affiliates

Question:Does Blonde Runner Health put on races?

Answer:Yes, we put on one race each year on Memorial Day.  The Race For Grief event is held each year to honor those loved ones that have passed away.  A 10K run, 5K run and 2 mile walk event are offered.  To learn more visit RaceForGrief.com

Question:Do good exercise shoes really matter (especially if I am not a runner)?

Answer:Absolutely!Those that don’t want to spend the money on good shoes end up making up for it with doctor bills from back, hip, foot and/or knee injury.You can expect to pay between $95 – 100 for a good pair of running shoes (I recommend them for even non runners – they are built to last).Buy running shoes from your local specialty running store not a grocery or retail clothes store.This initial investment is worth it.You can get 300 – 500 miles on a good pair of running shoes.

Question:How can I join the running or triathlon clubs you offer?

Answer: Contact Coach Lora directly to find out how you can join.

Question:Do you work with men?

Answer:Yes, I do.  I have worked with lots of men over the years and even offer a coed fully-coached triathlon team training program.  Visit www.TBRTriathlon.com to learn more. 

Question:Do you work with children?

Answer:Yes, I offer many youth programs including weight loss, and a triathlon training team program.