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Recently I received this message and I know there are many that follow this blog in a similar situation so I thought I’d share my comments.
Question:  Hello there. I am looking for some advice. This sounds silly maybe but I ran till the end of my last pregnancy and I am trying to do that again but some days I want to stop with this one. But mentally I don’t want to “give” up. I am 32 weeks today and have ran 3 times a week and one of those being a 6 miler. What do I tell myself to not feel like a quitter? Or maybe how to let go of my pride? Any thoughts? Thanks.
Answer:  My pregnancy experienced were different because they severely restricted my activity.  Now when I run (no prego) I appreciate it more.  Sometimes when I don’t feel like going I discipline myself to go anyway because I know I won’t achieve my goals without going and I like to do it for those that can’t (those in wheelchairs).  In your situation I would consider walking and elliptical more.  As you grow comfort, balance and back strain becomes a factor.  After all you are creating a life…that’s more than any marathoner can brag about.  Just my two cents.  Take care.
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~ Coach Lora Erickson
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Race For Grief start 2012
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